Best Low Carb Fruits To Enjoy During Your Keto Diet

what fruit is allowed on keto

When you are on keto diet for weight loss, you will need to be very choosy for food items. As you know, you will need to avoid carb food in your daily intake. You can increase the amount of protein and healthy fats in your diet instead of carbs. Do you know that you will need to avoid most of the fruits containing sugar and carbs in it?

You will need to know what fruit is allowed on keto. If you want to achieve your fitness goal with a proper keto diet, you can enjoy following low carb fruits during it.

Best low carb fruits to enjoy during your keto diet


It is probably the best fruit option to eat during your keto diet. if you take ½ Cup serving of avocado, you will get almost 12 gram of fat and 2.6 gram of carbs. Avocados are great for fat loss because of low calories and nutrition value. Therefore, you can definitely increase the number of avocados in your diet without worrying about carbs.



During your diet, you can also enjoy raspberries without any bad effect on your diet plan. If you get about 60 grams of raspberries, you will get only 3 grams of carbs in it. therefore, it will be a good option to include in your diet during ketogenic.

Blackberries and strawberries:

It is another excellent fruit option that you can add to your diet when you are on keto diet. in half a cup of blackberries, you will get only 4 grams of carbs. It is also one of low carb fruit options that you can eat during keto diet. You can also get strawberries during keto diet. In 100 grams strawberries, you will that only 6 grams of carbs.


It is one of the most loved fruits that can be enjoyed during summer time. It is high in water content, vitamin A and it will satisfy your sweet cravings during keto diet. you can add it to your diet without any bad effects on keto diet. It is known to provide lots of health-related benefits so you do not need to worry before adding watermelon to your keto diet.


Most of the people think that tomato is vegetable but it is actually a fruit. This fruit is used in most of the homes regularly. You can add it to your keto diet because it is very low in carbs. In 1/2 cup of tomato, you will get only 2.4 gram of carbs and 16 calories. It is known to provide lots of health related benefits so you can add it to you are getting diet routine.


These are some of the best options when you want to know what fruit is allowed on keto. It is very important to calculate your overall calorie and carb intake when you are on keto diet. Look at this site, if you are consuming a very low amount of carbs with other food options, you can definitely increase it to the limit by enjoying your favorite fruits from all these options.