Foods One Should Prefer and Avoid In Keto Diet Plan

How many calories on the keto diet

Do you want to get rid of excess body fat? If yes, then it can be possible if you will start having a keto diet. There are numerous people in the world who prefer the keto diet to reduce their body fat. Yes! It is true that by having fats and reducing carbs in your diet, you can actually reduce body fat. The only thing you need to remember is that you eat an optimum amount of fat which should provide you energy for daily work. How many calories on the keto diet? When you are consuming a keto diet plan, then you need to consume calories from fat and lesser calories from carbohydrates and protein. When medically recommended diets are between 600 to 800 calories, then it is a keto diet, go to this article for more details.

Foods One Should Prefer And Avoid In Keto Diet Plan

Foods You Need To Prefer

The people who are planning to follow keto diet can have some foods in regular. They can add eggs, poultry food and meat in their diet. Chicken, turkey, whole eggs, salmon, beef, pork, bison and organ meats can be a nice option for the keto diet. If you are a vegetarian, then you can opt for full-fat cheese, full-fat dairy, nut butter, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds, avocados in your diet. Eating non-starchy vegetables can be a good option for people who can’t have meat. You can eat broccoli, greens, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes. When it comes to condiments, you can have lemon juice, herbs, spices, and vinegar in your food.

Beverages For Keto Diet Plan

If you want to have beverages, then you can’t drink high-carb drinks but you can drink lots of water. It will keep you hydrated. You can also have sparkling water as it can be a good replacement for soda. You can have unsweetened coffee and sugar-free green tea also. You can also experiment with flavors but never drink alcohol when you are on a keto diet. You can drink tequila mixed with vodka on occasions.

Avoid These Foods In A Keto Diet

You need to be strict while following a keto diet and this includes a carb-rich diet. You have to leave eating baked goods and bread which has a lot of carbohydrates in it. You can’t eat sugar, maple syrup, candy, ice cream, and coconut sugar. Don’t eat noodles, spaghetti, starchy vegetables, grains, fruits, sauces, and alcoholic beverages when you are following a keto diet. You should always avoid processed and diet foods which contain sweeteners, preservatives, and artificial colors.

So, this a little basic idea of keto diet plan among which you can choose the one which you find delicious and perfect for you. It will be better to consult a nutritionist who can help you to have good nutrition in your diet. If you want to have snacks in between your diet, you can eat almonds, avocado, olives, coconut chips, hard-boiled eggs, jerky, macadamia nuts, parmesan crisps, and celeries. Make sure that it doesn’t exceed your calorie count. That’s why it will be best to have a weekly plan for the keto diet.