NBA Finals Live Stream: 2021 Predictions

NBA Finals Live Stream

Basketball is an unpredictable game, and anything can happen within minutes. Therefore, anyone can come out victorious. The NBA Finals live stream will be starting from the 8th of July, 2021, and continue until we find a Champion.

Do you have any guesses who will reach the top of the mountain as the winner? This article will discuss who has the most possibilities of winning the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

5 Predictions for NBA Finals 2021

5 Predictions for NBA Finals 2021

To be honest, anyone can win the Finals. It’s hard to tell when you don’t even know who is in the final. But we’ll try our best to guess the top 5 teams who have a better chance of winning than others.

[Note: These predictions are based on the team’s previous performance only. We highly discourage making any betting decision following the list]

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are the defending Champion. Last year they had an amazing battle of basketball against the Miami Heat. The Lakers won the exciting finals.

Our guess is, this year they have a great chance of winning again. Previously they have won consecutive finals several times. Though they had to go through play-in to qualify for the play-off, still the Lakers are a deserving team to win the title.

Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz Finished the regular season with a record-breaking 52-20 winning record. They’re going through an amazing time in the NBA. Utah Jazz’s 52 wins are the highest in the NBA season 2020-21.

Due to their amazing run, experts believe, this year, once again, a Western Conference team can be victorious. However, anything can happen during the games. Watch the NBA Finals live stream to find out if they actually win the trophy.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers have the best performance in the Eastern Conference. This year some great players are leading the team. As a result, they continuously impress viewers.

After such amazing performances, the Philadelphia 76ers make themselves one of the top candidates to win this year.

Brooklyn Nets

Though Brooklyn Nets finished second in the Eastern Conference, many believe they have a huge chance of winning. Their recent performance has been outstanding. If they continue to play like this, they will surely win the title.

Watch the NBA Finals live stream in July to know if they can make their supporters happy. All we can say is if Brooklyn Nets reach the finals, the opposite team will have a tough time.

Phoenix Suns

Similarly, Phoenix Suns finished second in the Western Conference. Their winning record may not be as good as Utah Jazz’s; still it’s pretty good. Hence, we guess they have a massive possibility of winning the Championship Trophy.

However, the Phoenix Suns are facing the Lakers in the play-off. Many believe that they may not win this round. If that happens, they will be out of the tournament.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

With so many amazing teams this year, it was really tough to make a list. Anyone can win this year, even a team from outside the list above. So, it’s best that you tune in for the NBA Finals live stream.