Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream: Augusta National Golf Course, Format, & Holes

Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream

The Masters Golf Tournament will be played in Augusta National Golf Club in 2021. And this is the only competition that takes place in the same place every year.

Augusta National is one of the oldest golf courses in the USA. It is a private club, which means not everyone can visit it. Though during the competition this year, a limited number of audiences will be allowed.

You also can enjoy Masters Golf 2021 Live stream from your device. However, if you’re a golf player or regular golf viewer, you should have a good idea about golf courses, format, and holes. And you must want to know these details about this year’s tournament.

Augusta National Golf Course Overview 2021

Augusta National Golf Course Overview 2021

As a golf fan, you already know that no golf courses are created equal. And this applies to Augusta National too. The course is 520 yards for 2021. It is bigger than the course on which The Masters 2001 was played.

However, the Masters Golf always takes place here. So, the players have a pretty good idea about the courses and holes. However, the organizer is always working on improving the course so that they can present a more exciting competition from now on.

Augusta National Golf Holes 2021

There will be 18 holes in total during this year’s version of The Masters. And all of them are equally important. However, it is impossible to display the extreme elevation of holes’ in a 2D screen.

The first hole is Tea Olive, par 4, then Pink Dogwood, par 4, and the list go on. The 18th and the last is named ‘Holly’, a par 4 course, measured 465 yards. You can check The Masters’ website to get the details of all the holes.

Format of The Masters 2021

The first round of the competition will start on Thursday, 8th April. Then every day one round of golf will be played in 18 holes each. This will go on for 4 days and end on Sunday, 11th April. It means the competition will have 4 rounds in total. This format is followed in most of the other golf tournaments too.

Famous Landmarks of Augusta National

Famous Landmarks of Augusta National

The golf club is there for a very long time. During this long period, several landmarks have made their name in history books for different reasons.

The first thing you will see when entering the club is the famous Magnolia Lane. According to sources, there are 61 magnolia trees on each side of the lane since the 1850s.

Then you will see the Founders Circle, which is very popular among players as a photoshoot spot. Then Hogan bridge and Sarazen bridge are also two iconic places.

There are ten cabins in Augusta National, and The Butler Cabin is the most famous because the iconic green jacket is presented to the champion in this cabin.


Augusta National Golf Club made its name out of The Masters. And this year once again it will host the most prestigious golf tournament. You can watch Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream from anywhere in the world. It will be an exciting week of golf.