How Your Car Air Conditioner Works

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The air conditioning system in your car is a complicated beast. It’s responsible for cool air that will keep you comfortable on hot summer days. The AC has to work hard and it can’t do it alone! This article will give you an overview of how the air conditioning works so you know how to care for your car’s AC system and take preventative steps to make sure it lasts a long time.

Why Need Air Conditioning System in Car?

Car air conditioning systems keep the car cool and comfortable for passengers. It’s even more important in cars with few windows, like a convertible! The system uses refrigerant to blow cold air into the car when it gets too hot inside.

Why Need Air Conditioning System in Car

It takes more work from your engine to power an AC system. In fact, there are usually two different electrical connections between your battery and alternator one powers all of your lights, stereo, wipers and other accessories that use little electricity while driving; this is called “accessory mode. The other connection provides enough juice for everything else: including powering the fan on your AC compressor so you can stay cool as you drive around town during these stifling summer months.

How Does A Car Air Conditioning System Work?

The air conditioning system in your car works by drawing hot air from the interior of the vehicle and releases it outside. It also removes moisture to keep windows clear, which helps a lot when you’re driving on a foggy day. The cooling cycle starts with a refrigerant called R134a, one that is safe for both people and the environment. This coolant runs through pipes inside an engine driven compressor where it’s pressurized up to 235 times atmospheric pressure before being released into one side of what looks like a big see-saw or teeter-totter (called an expansion valve). When this liquid reaches its boiling point, it becomes vaporized, changing state of something heavier than gas or oil into something lighter than either and rises into the condenser. It then cools down to a liquid again and is drawn into an evaporator on your car’s dashboard, which provides cooling air through vents in various parts of the cabin.

How Often Does Your Car Air Conditioning Need To Be Serviced?

How Often Does Your Car Air Conditioning Need To Be Serviced

The air conditioner in your car needs to be serviced regularly. You should have it checked during the annual service of your vehicle and then at least once more year after that, or as recommended by the manufacturer. The coolant will need to be flushed out periodically and replaced with new antifreeze/coolant each time you take it for servicing.  If you don’t get your car a regular service, the fluid will degrade and this can have consequences for how well it functions.


We hope this blog post has given you a better understanding of how your car air conditioner works. Don’t worry if not all the terms are familiar, just focus on what is important to you and we promise it will make sense in time! If you have any questions about anything discussed here or need help with installing new parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance today. Our experts can assess your needs and offer solutions that work best for everyone involved.