American Muscle Car Features: 2009 Chevy Camaro

American Muscle Car Features

The new breed of muscle cars has been born. In the automotive industry where many cars are in rage, competing, battling as to which the best car is, the 2009 Chevy Camaro has bees accepted. There were a lot of prejudgments and doubts against this release, yet it managed to bring its name to the top.

Chevrolet had tough and rough times way back 2002, where they decided to take Camaro out from their production. Car enthusiasts were devastated and the sales of Chevrolet even went down on the later years. The people’s sought of hope was paid off just this 2009 where General Motors and Chevrolet released the new well defined, high powered Camaro. The many Americans were proud to see their brand back in the streets.

This new Camaro was patterned from the Classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. The proposed retro style which was realized worked perfectly great. Although this modern muscle machine is much wider and lengthier like 186.2 inches than the older models no worries because it still brings the house down. It also features a rag top and hard top convertibles which still suits its built.

Car Features

This is a standard real wheel drive car with a very strong 6.0-liter V-8 engine producing 400horsepower with 6-speed. Drivers are also given options to choose from a V-6 engine, having possibly a 3.9-liter with about 250 horsepower. If your Camaro is just for city driving and you would also want to save money, this would be a great deal for you. Every customer is also given a choice whether standard manual or the automatic transmission, either which would be good and suits the car as well. It also comes with a 21 – inch aluminum front wheels and a 22 – inch aluminum wheels on the rear. Adding up everything would make a fully grown, well developed modern muscle car.

Prior to the release, there were rumors regarding changes on the specifications. People were buzzing around that the front wheels would go from 21″ to 20″ or the end wheels of 22″ will become 20″. Whether this is true or not, these changes are plainly minimal you could hardly even notice.

Chevrolet really thought of this production, targeting every driver’s desires and dreams regarding muscle cars. They really showed extreme effort in their come back, being able to develop the power of the horsepower, the transmission, balance or its handling; everything seems to be almost perfect. What more could you ask for?