Getting the Most Value Out of Your Crusher Wear Parts

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Crusher Wear Parts

When choosing crusher wear parts, there are several things to consider. These factors include the wear parts’ manganese alloys, Maintenance plan, and profiling. Contacting a manufacturer with experience in wear parts is important if you want to maximize the value of your investment. In addition, CPW engineers work with customers to ensure they get the most value from their crushers. This article explores some of the factors to consider when choosing wear parts for your crusher.

CPW engineers can work with you to get the most value out of your crusher wear parts

CPW engineers can work with you to get the most value out of your crusher wear parts

Columbia Steel’s engineers create custom-designed wear parts and provide a full range of replacements. These steel components are designed for increased safety, reduce weight, and provide long-term performance. In addition, Columbia Steel engineers have experience in crushing and recirculation conditions and design and pattern a wide variety of crusher parts to suit the needs of any application. With Columbia Steel, you can benefit from complete crusher wear part solutions that include design and pattern making, alloy selection, and more.

Manganese alloys

Austenitic manganese steels are hard, yet ductile. They have been outperforming other materials for wear parts in crushers for over a century. Manganese forms barriers to dislocation movement when dissolved in carbon and is low in thermal conductivity. A typical 14 percent Mn steel hardness is 200 to 220 BHN in as-quenched, heat-treated condition and does not change as Mn content increases.

Maintenance plan

There are several important aspects of a maintenance plan for your crusherliners. The most important of these is following the manufacturer’s recommendations as closely as possible. This plan should include daily inspections and grease bearings as needed for proper lubrication and cooling. Failure to follow the maintenance plan can negatively impact the performance of your crusher. This article offers some maintenance best practices to keep in mind. Read on to learn more about them.


If you are a mining or quarrying company looking to maximize the value of your wear parts, then you are at the right place. Metso Outotec offers the largest portfolio of wear parts and services to meet your specific needs. The Metso Outotec portfolio is organized by product type: high-volume crushing, seasonal crushing and mining. This renewed wear parts offering addresses your specific needs and increases the value of your crusher wear parts.

Eccentric throw range

You can determine the capacity of your crusher by examining the eccentric throw range. A higher eccentric throw indicates fewer crushing zones and a faster travel through the crusher. Changing eccentric throw ranges doesn’t require adjusting the concave. However, you should be aware that increasing eccentric throw will increase capacity but decrease output grade, since coarse output requires recirculation. Keeping capacity and grade in balance will ensure the best possible outcome.

Material characteristics

There are several factors to consider when choosing crusher wear parts. One factor is the material that will be used to manufacture them. If you are looking to purchase parts for a stationary or mobile crushing plant, the best material to choose is manganese steel. This material contains various alloying elements that enhance its toughness and hardness. The higher the manganese content, the better, but it does not necessarily mean a wear part is better. Different manganese alloys can be customized to fit various applications, and this can lead to increased productivity.