Cone Crusher Working Principle

Cone Crusher Working Principle

There are many types of machines which we use in our day to day life. At the same time, there are many machines which do not use directly and especially every day. The Cone crusher is such a machine that we don’t use directly in our day-to-day life but it plays a very important role for us all. In this article, we will get to know the working principle of the cone crusher.

Cone crusher

Cone crusher

If you know already about jaw crushers, you could know it way better as the construction and working principle of both the Jaw Crusher and the cone crusher are almost the same. A Cone crusher is used to make the smaller pieces of Rock and some other hard materials. The size of the pieces obtained as the output of the cone crusher is between 35mm to 350mm. The cone crusher is used in the field of mining, quarrying, and some other fields like them. There are many variations of this cone crusher which you can find everywhere. However, the working principle of all the cone crushers is the same.

To know about it’s working principle we first need to understand the main structure and main parts of it. The main structure of the cone crusher is like a vertical cone inside which many different parts are there which help this machine to run properly. Let’s know some of its main parts.


There are two shafts in the cone crusher. One which is placed in the vertical position is known as the Main shaft. All the other components of the machines are attached to this main shaft.

The other shaft of this structure is known as the countershaft. The countershaft is responsible for rotating the main shaft. On the one end of the countershaft, there is one pinion. This pinion is attached to the grooves on the main shaft. When the pinion rotates, the main shaft also rotates and the whole system starts working. On the other end of the countershaft, there is a drive pulley. This drive pulley is attached to an electrical motor with the help of one belt.


On top of the main shaft, there is a huge conical structure attached. This structure is used to create a crushing space inside the machine and is known as Mantle.


This is like a canopy layer just above the Mantle. The main work of this concave is to create crushing space and to help mantle in the crushing process.

Working principle

The working principle of this cone crusher is almost the same as that of Jaw crusher. The main difference between them is that the jaw crusher is used to make bigger pieces of rocks and another material in the comparison of cone crushers and the steepness of cone crushers is less than that of jaw crusher.

To start the machine a voltage or electricity is provided to the motor and the motor starts rotating. The rotation of the motor starts the rotation of the pulley and the pulley rotation starts the rotation of the main shaft with the help of pinions.

Now the materials to be broken into pieces are fed into the gap between the concave and mantle through inlets. The material is broken inside the machine with the rotation of the shaft and the movement of the concave. There are two outlets on the machine.

From the first outlets, one small-sized crushed material comes out and from the second inlet the bigger-sized material comes out. The materials inside the cone crusher are broken until the time it reaches the set size. Once the set size is reached, the pieces come out of the inlets.