Why LED Neon Signs Offer a Brighter Future than Neon Lights?

Why LED Neon Signs Offer a Brighter Future than Neon Lights

Neon lights may be trendy, but they’re a total pain to look at. When it comes to aesthetics, neon lights are outdated. The reason for this is that neon lights generate a lot of heat, and when combined with the bright light from an LED neon sign, the result is unattractive. If you’d like to take advantage of the latest technology in street lighting, consider using an LED neon sign instead.

What are the Difference between LED and Neon Signage?

What are the Difference between LED and Neon Signage

Neonsigns are often used in traditional places of business so that people can easily see their company name. A light emitting diode, or LED sign is one with a light source using electricity to brighten up the letters and shapes on the sign’s surface.  

The difference between them lies solely in the design of the signage, which typically will be either LED or neon due to availability of power sources, types of materials used during production, and costs involved. The cost of each switch is usually made pretty reasonable, especially considering the improved features that have been invented in LEDs over time, compared to neon signs’ general use for decorative purposes.

LEDs are seen as a better, cheaper, and environmentally friendly way to attract attention because:

Lighter electric use

Energy is a major business expense, so saving money on electricity is essential. Custom neon signs use about 15x less power than traditional neon signs.  Size is measured by the length of the tubes. 


Neon signs are fixed in terms of functionality, staying on or off without customizability. It offers a lot more creative flexibility since it’s a collection of thousands of tiny, individual lights, each programmable independently. The LED lights can flash or change colors.



Neon direct LED signs provide consistent brightness, so they’re easy to see up close and from a  distance. Neon signs can be hard to see from a distance with details, especially at night when they’re bleary.

‍Matching brands

LED signs come in a huge variety of colors. Maintaining brand integrity is easier because you can express your brand image better.


LED signs are easy to maintain with their individual, sturdy bulbs, so you don’t have to deal with hot parts. A damp cloth is all you need to clean LED signs.


Custom-made LED neon signs generate little heat and are safe to touch, as opposed to neon signs which become extremely hot when they are illuminated.

Savings on energy

Savings on energy

LED lights can save you up to 70 percent or more in energy costs when compared with traditional neon signs, which run hotter and consume more energy.


LED neon signs are the next generation of neon lights. These lights can be made in any shape and color and can even display text or images on them. The LED Neon Signs will also have a longer life span than traditional neon lights.

The reason why they have a brighter future is because they do not require an electric power source like other neon signs do. This is because they use light emitting diodes (LEDs) which generate their own power through the semiconductor technology. This means that you don’t need to worry about running out of electricity, but rather will never run out of light.