When Should You Service Your Car?

When should I take my car for service

Servicing your car is one most important thing that you need to consider for smooth day to day driving without any issue. Ignoring the working signs can lead to great problems and issues for you while driving and if you do not want any issue then it is beneficial for you to get your car serviced on right time. It is important for you to get the help of a reliable and reputed professional car technician at www.shopanddrive.com website who can service your car in an effective manner and provide you a smooth functioning and effective running car.

Why Should You Need to Get Your Car Serviced?

Why Should You Need to Get Your Car Serviced

Servicing your car can leave you without a ride for some hours but it is important because services your car ensure that every part and component of your vehicle are running properly and offer you higher safety on the roads. During the car service, the professionals check all the parts and components of your vehicle that include suspension, brake, and engine and many others to make sure that your car is running smoothly without any issues. If there is any minor or major issue with your car then the professionals can fix them in an effective manner so that you can enjoy a safe and reliable drive without any hassle.

What are The Different Types of Car Servicing?

You may consider the same type of car servicing every time whenever you take your car to the garage. There are generally different types of car services that you can get and you need to know about them so that you can choose one best for your car. The type of service you choose will depend on where your car gets services and what you drive but here are some of the type of car services that you can get from the professionals.

What are The Different Types of Car Servicing
  • Minor

This is considered as general or basic car service that primarily focus on the fluid level and oil level in the engine and some other components are also inspected to find any damage and cracks.

  • Interim

Interim service is generally considered for the vehicle that operates in the harsh conditions and for the vehicle that tow a trailer. These services include almost simpler inspections that are a dome in minor services and also recommend some other services to check working of your car.

  • Major

Major service is also called full service in which the professional inspect all nook and cranny of your vehicle as well as inspect the steering alignment, suspension system, and many other components in an effective manner.

When Should I Take My Car For Service?

If you are searching to know When should I take my car for service then you should have knowledge that the manufacturers usually specify the maximum and minimum distance intervals of services for the benefits of customers. The distance interval between services can be around 10,000km mark or six months whichever comes first. This is only for the average car and some of the carks also require interim services and it is essential for you to have proper knowledge about the servicing time and interval of your car model.