What Herbs Are Good For Brain Health?


Your brain may be in excellent condition, but that doesn’t mean it’s operating at its peak. Like any other organ of the body, your brain requires regular care and maintenance to ensure that it functions optimally. These simple steps can help you stay on top of your mental health and prevent a stroke or dementia later in life.

The 7 Best Herbs for Brain Health

Here are some herbs you can add to your health regimen that will support the brain and keep it functioning at its best.

1. Echinacea

This is a potent immune stimulant agent, so using it right before bed helps calm an overactive immune system while preparing the body for rest.  It also boosts Vitamin C levels in order to fight off fungus or bacteria build-up-something we know contribute strongly toward dementia symptoms. Some scientists have investigated whether Echinacea can prevent the amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but it hadn’t been proven until recently.

2. Boron

Boron is found in foods like white rice and red meats, but it also occurs naturally within the body as a byproduct of metabolism. It’s important for bone health your bones want to keep their mass and its presence encourages healthy cell growth throughout your body. It may help to lower the effects of radiation sickness, as some researchers have found that it helps delay bone loss after exposure to high levels of x-rays for long time periods. Visit lindenbotanicals for more hints about Boron.

3. Evening Primrose Oil

This oil is often used topically on bruises or scrapes, but studies indicate that its topical application will actually work better when applied directly into your bloodstreams. Using these devices, energy experts refer to them as “Spacers”, since they can identify clear signals of an energy shortage, and they have the same effect as radio waves, causing changes in your physiology that promote growth without causing injury.

4. Passion Flower

Stimulating agents found within certified organic Passionflower capsules may act like dopamine-boosting drugs to help improve attention span. Also known as “goat’s rue” because of its roots being used in Russian traditions, this plant belongs to the same genus as hops, which are typically used for flavoring beers.

5. Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed has many essential fatty acids and nutrients that build a healthy cell structure. Its use is well-known among herbal medicine practitioners; it’s been used as an emollient for centuries, and its seeds have been used to treat gout. There’s a good reason many ancient Egyptians ate the hulls of the seeds they were known to relieve pain, promote healthy libido, reduce acne, lower cholesterol levels, help eye problems like dry eyes or general diseases that arise during menopause, and increase your supply of energy to power off bouts of fatigue.


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