What Are The Three Categories Of CPT Codes?

What are the three categories of CPT codes

Do you know what the CPT codes really are? Well, the Current Procedural Terminology shortly known as CPT codes are precious for describing a range of healthcare services availed by the hospitals, physicians and other healthcare experts. These codes are created and maintained by the American Medical Association (AMA).

When you start collecting details about the CPT codes, you might face problems as other people face. However, you will have to stay calm and composed in order to completely understand the concept of CPT codes. In the following paragraphs, you can find out more the required details about the three categories of CPT codes.

Introduction To The CPT Codes

Introduction To The CPT Codes

What are the three categories of CPT codes? In the starting, you have to keep in mind that the CPT codes are Current Procedural Terminology Codes that demonstrate different healthcare services offered by healthcare experts. In America, the American Medical Association creates and maintains these codes for the welfare of patients.

Why These CPT Codes Are Used?

One should always know why the CPT codes are used by healthcare professionals. If you do not know why these CPT codes are used, it will be difficult for you to understand the three main categories of the CPT codes. Basically, the CPT codes will be used for the following purpose is without any doubt:

  • To communicate with other hospitals
  • The CPT codes can be used for communicating with other physicians
  • Communicate insurers

Regardless of the mentioned purposes, the CPT codes can become more useful in other works related to the medical industries.

Categories of the CPT codes

What are the three categories of CPT codes? Now, this is the perfect time for people like you to determine the three categories of the CPT codes. Let’s try to understand everything about the three main categories of the CPT codes one after one with the help of the following paragraphs:

Type 1 CPT codes

Type 1 CPT codes

In the beginning, you need to become familiar with the Type 1 CPT codes. To report devices and vaccines data needed for the performance of procedures or services by the health care experts, Type 1 CPT codes are used

Benefits of Type 1 CPT Codes

  • Updation after two years
  • Reports of the performance of medical experts
  • Services offered for clinical uses
  • Current medical practice

Type 2 CPT codes

The Type II CPT codes are used for reporting the presentation actions dipping the inevitability for diagram appraisal and health records concept. The Type II CPT codes are created to have four digits followed by the character f. These codes are not essential however they can offer crucial details that will be used in the performance organization and future patient concerns.

Benefits of type 3 CPT codes

  • Performance management
  • Improved future patient care
  • They are composite codes
  • Know the history of patients
  • Physical checkups
  • Safety and others

Type 3 CPT codes

The CPT 3 codes are used to report the emerging technology in a range of capacities that can include services and processes completed on the patients. One should always keep in mind that the category 3 CPT codes are temporary. It is important to know that the Type III CPT codes are structured in the numerical order.

Benefits of the Type 3 CPT codes

  • Experimental performances
  • New technology and processes
Type 3 CPT codes

With the help of the provided details, you may have understood the three important categories of the CPT codes. In addition, you have known the benefits of each CPT code category. So, you can make use of the available information whenever required to have significant benefits.