Stunning Worth Assert Buying at Parc Central Residences

what are the long term residential facilities

It is a luxury hi-tech service apartment located in the heart of Pasir Ris Central which is exactly located near the Changi International airport. This assert belongs to Allgreen and Kerry properties. According to the approved site plan the asset covers 408,880 square feet/ 38000 square meters. Many are questioning what are the long term residential facilities? As per the plan, 386,284 square feet area is allotted for commercial building purposes whereas the remaining area is allotted into 600 units as a domestic flat. These flats vary accordingly by square feet and bedrooms. These units consist of a single bedroom to 4 bedrooms. The price of the square feet also varies according to the unit client prefer.

What is the benefit of buying the asset in Parc central residence?

What is the benefit of buying the asset in Parc central residence

Buying the asset in the Parc cental residence is pride and dream among the people in the city because it has got all the latest amenities inside its compound. Since its located in the center part of the main city all the top schools around the property so it will be easy for the kids to go to school nearby. Shopping mall-like new malls, white sand, and downtown east are located just nearby the central residence. The people who go for the job also need not worry because all the top leading companies and industries are located in this area by buying the property a client will feel proud and lead a peaceful life since everything nearby the Parc Central Residences.

The executing process of Parc central Residence:

The executing process of Parc central Residence

While seeing the official site of the Parc Central Residence we can gather all the information about their future and present execution plan about the property.

• When we open the site view the box for the registration and fill the inquiry detail in the E-form and accept the terms and conditions before submitting the E-form, after a week there will be follow up and call and a formal mail posted in your registered email id.

• Next, click the location and amenities to know the apt detail about the property more by knowing the amazing fact of the property the buyer will be eager to visit the site directly.

• At the top of the site, we may notice an overview of the property which describe the actual position of the site and it value right now.

• Next comes the site plan and floor plan, they have updated their E- plan in high definition quality so that the buyer can easily absorb the actual position of the future building and the constructed building.

• In the floor plan, everything is shown clearly where the entrances will come the position of the living room, dining hall, master bedroom along with the attached bathroom and the balcony. Everything is described clearly and attractively.

• The buyers will get more attracted by seeing the floor plan and thinks to buy suddenly.

• The garden area in the plan is so amazing which makes the buyer think positive about the property because the trees and plants planted there give fresh oxygen and its designed more attractive.