What are the Duties of a Security Guard?

What are the Duties of a Security Guard

There are a lot of duties that a security guard can be tasked with. When we see this designation, we never think that it comes with some many responsibilities. But yet it does.

A security guard, who’s not doing any specialized security task can be loaded with lots of other works.

Duties of a security guard

Duties of a security guard

Being a security guard is not a piece of cake. In any corner of the world, a security guard has to-

• Maintain rules, enforce laws and combine them with company provided policies
• Emergency response
• Protection of property and goods
• Keep an eye on the surveillance system
• Managing access to the property
• Report criminal activity to the local law enforcers
• Patrolling the property

These are the primary duties of any security guard appointed at any location. There are some other jobs too, which calls for advanced security detail.

Primary response

When any criminal activity happens at a place, the first response before the law enforcement agency is the responsibility of a security guard. He has to fight back a crime with what he has till the police come.

If it’s required that he has to use his physical abilities or any lethal weapon to neutralize a criminal, he has complete jurisdiction. Being a primary response might not seem an important responsibility. But if any criminal activity is happening right now at your property, your security guard will be the first person to try and stop that from happening.

Corporate security

The most advanced type of security that any security offer or guard can be appointed with is corporate security. Security agencies being independent bodies are mostly in charge of providing high-level security to many corporate offices and events.

Sometimes you might see security officers gun crewing an armoured truck containing valuable items. Mostly private banks appoint security agencies to protect their cash vans and vault trucks. These security guards are some of the most highly-trained ones, and they are also the best in their jobs.

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A security guard can also be a highly-trained individual with tons of experience. Mostly those who were struck out from military academies during the training or have left their jobs untimely for any reason, work as security officers and guards.

So, they are not to be taken lightly. They can and have the jurisdiction to be lethal when it comes to protecting their workplace. As they are the primary responders of any place, they can use force to stop criminals from doing criminal activity. Security is a very prominent issue. And security guards responsible for many people’s lives.