Trampoline Safety Guide

Trampoline Safety Guide

There was a time when just about every backyard in the neighborhood had a trampoline in it for the kids. Not so long ago it became very popular to see a trampoline posted in just about every yard of a home where children lived. So why do we not see these trampolines so often anymore? Safety!

Trampoline safety has become a huge concern in the recent years as more and more children are entering hospital emergency rooms with trampoline related injuries. Doctors say that a trampoline is one of the most dangerous toys that you can buy for your child. When a child does not take the proper safety precautions on a trampoline it can quickly become a deadly toy, more helpful hints.

Trampoline Safety

Safety Nets: The single most important safety feature of a trampoline is the safety net. Without a safety net the child has the ability to simply jump and fly right off the trampoline essentially landing on his head which can result in serious injury or even death. Although safety nets tend to cost almost as much as the trampoline itself they are the single most important investment that you can spend your money on when you decide to purchase a trampoline for your child.

One at a Time: Thousands of trampoline related accidents occur because more than one child jumps on a trampoline at a time. Trampolines are meant for individual play. There should never be more than one child on a trampoline at a time for safety purposes. Anytime you allow more than one child on a trampoline at a time the risk of injury is greatly increased.

Don’t Jump Unattended: Even when taking all the necessary precautions such as having a safety net and jumping one at a time there are times when accidents still occur. For this reason it is important to let your child know that he is never allowed to jump on the trampoline without an adult present. Jumping unattended is very dangerous because if an accident does occur with nobody around to help a minor accident could become a huge problem without immediate attention.

Use Caution: Always exercise extreme caution when jumping on a trampoline. Teach you r child jump safety and how to land properly to help prevent broken bones and sprains. Remember that even when you follow all of the proper safety rules for jumping on a trampoline there is still the possibility of injury that could result in broken bones, sprains, and other related emergencies. Extreme caution is the best way to help prevent trampoline related injuries. Follow your instinct and do not overjump your boundaries!