RCA Uses WiFi Signals to Create Power for Airnergy Charger

RCA Uses WiFi Signals to Create Power for Airnergy Charger

Companies have been working hard towards finding alternative energy sources for years. The recent CES showcase brought thousands of companies together at one location to showcase their latest inventions. Most people were interested in what companies were jumping into the 3D market and the type of technology that they would be using. I was more interested in RCA’s Wi-Fi wireless signal display. It was there that I learned the company found a way to convert WiFi signals into energy, click over here.

RCA created their device and named it the Airnergy. What we have here is a tiny gadget that uses an antenna and circuitry to harvest the Wi-Fi energy. Once the energy is harvested it will then be stored in the battery as an electrical charge. Basically, the company has created a small product that is able to capture Wi-Fi signals and then convert it to DC power. The converted power will then be stored in a specially designed battery inside of the product.

WiFi Signals

The demonstration was impressive to say the least. RCA took the time to show us that they were able to charge a BlackBerry from 30 percent to a full charge in little over and hour of time. However, the one negative is that the charge time differs depending on how close you are to a Wi-Fi signal. For example, if you only have one bar of Wi-Fi service it might take three times as long to charge your devices. The more powerful the Wi-Fi signal is the better of a charge that you will end up getting.

The ultimate goal of RCA is to make the Airnergy a much smaller device. They wish to make the Airnergy more portable as well. RCA hopes that they will be able to make the device more adaptable with the USB ports of other portable electronic devices. This would make the Airnergy a must have amongst anyone who has a portable device and wants to have a back up just in case the battery dies on them.

My overall opinion of this product is that I am very impressed with what RCA has done. I have yet to see another company attempt to use Wi-Fi signals and convert them into energy. They have come up with a truly creative idea that many other companies are going to be envious of. It will be interesting to see if anyone else tries to use the same idea over the next couple of months. The Airnergy device has a solid future ahead of itself.