Possible Causes of Spinal Cord Injury

Possible Causes of Spinal Cord Injury

As you all know, the human body has a different kind of body organs. A common man even doesn’t know about the name of the entire body organs. The spinal cord is one among the important for a body organ that plays an important role in the human body for movements or so on. When you have recently experienced the spinal cord injury, it may seem like every part of your body is affecting. You may feel the pain or effect of injury physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Sign or Symptom 

The ability to control the Limbs after the spinal cord injury depends on these two factors. The first one is the place of injury along the spinal cord or the seriousness of the injury to the spinal cord. The lowest part of the spinal cord is called a neurological level of injury. The seriousness of an injury is called the completeness, or it is classified several things.

  • Loss of development
  • Misfortune or changed sensation, including the capacity to feel warmth, cold and contact 
  • Loss of inside or bladder control 
  • Overstated reflex exercises or fits
  • Changes in sexual capacity, sexual affectability, and ripeness 
  • Pain or an extraordinary stinging sensation caused by damage to the nerve fibers in your spinal rope 
  • Difficulty breathing, chopping or clearing discharges from your lungs

Emergency Symptoms

Emergency Symptoms
  • Extraordinary back pain or weight in your neck, head or back 
  • Shortcoming, incoordination or loss of motion in any piece of your body
  • Deadness, shivering or loss of sensation in your grasp, fingers, feet or toes 
  • Loss of bladder or inside the control 
  • Difficulty with equalization and strolling 
  • Disabled breathing after injury 
  • A strangely situated or curved neck or back

What To Do When You Don’t Get Someone Who Has Back Or Neck Injury

  • Try not to move the harmed individual perpetual loss of motion, and different genuine confusions may result 
  • Call an ambulance or your neighborhood crisis medical help number 
  • Keep the individual still 
  • Spot substantial towels on the two sides of the neck or hold the head and neck to keep them from moving until crisis care shows up 
  • Give fundamental emergency treatment, for example, halting any draining and making the individual agreeable, without moving the head or neck

When to Call The Doctor?

Anyone experiencing the trauma of spinal cord injury in head or neck cover required the instant Medical Services. It is safe to call a professional doctor who can better understand the injury.

When to Call The Doctor?


Do you want to know about the causes of spinal cord injury? Spinal cord injury might damage the ligaments, vertebrae, or spinal column.

  • Damage to the nerve fibers
  • Damage the brain or central nervous system
  • Common causes
  • Acts of violence
  • Sports injury
  • Alcohol
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Falls

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