Pharmaceuticals and Marketing Electronic Commerce

Pharmaceuticals and Marketing Electronic

Under market economy system, ifone wants to base on the market on must first set up a marketing plan.The marketing is connected to the social need and the enterprise function link. The marketing is one kind of creation of behavior. The marketing not only seeks for the customer who already has a need that existed, and meets the needs, moreover one must discover and solves the customers’ request, but must respond warmly to any questions. The marketing is one kind of management process, it is the analysis, the plan, the execution, and the control process of management. The marketing studies the market, it studies the customer needs and the characteristic and the demand. The enterprise through the production and the sale on commission satisfy the need for a product, through the network, by finding the suitable price, the suitable method carries on the dissemination, and enables the customer to gain the benefit. Therefore the marketing is the enterprise and society’s link and the bridge, click for source.

Pharmaceuticals and Marketing

Emerging electronic commerce surpasses the traditional marketing. Electronic commerce causes the enterprise to use the Internet processing as a daily service, the transaction, namely with the supplier, the customer, the bank, the distributor and other trade partner’s daily are in contact, reducing the enterprise production and the selling costs, reduces cost between the manufacturer and end-user’s distance. A recent change has been between doctor and patient. The substantial clause is between the pharmaceutical factory and the patient, between the hospital and the patient, is away from many middle links such as the traditional role of the doctor that is no longer in the marketing of the final product. The drugs defer to the traditional pattern of marketing, because layer upon layer we see increases in price which causes the drugs price to be higher than the cost at certain times. With traditional drugs marketing customer quantity was few, the selling costs were high, the convenience is bad, communicating the abilities of the product were a weak shortcoming with the patient. However now new drugs are made that have high demand for problems affecting us all to some degree and marketing may be adding to the number of suffers when in fact the people may be healthy but see the ads and think they have something wrong with them. Electronic commerce uses electricity and the telephone line; the computer network transmits the information, the commodity and the service. This allows the pharmaceutical factory, the medical instrument factory, the medical reagent plant to use the electronic commerce to process the daily service, electronic commerce is the commercial trade and the work flow automations technical application. Electronic commerce causes the medicine business management social stratum to reduce the cost, improves the product quality, and the acceleration pf product transmission. Through the network purchase and the sales of drugs, the reagent, the medical instrument, caused between the pharmaceutical factory and the patient have gotten rid of the traditional commercial intermediary, reduced the drugs cost expense, thus reduced the medicine price. Reducing the pharmaceutical factory go between has changed the market mechanism. The expanded customer community, has brought the infinite development opportunity to the pharmaceutical factory, and raised the marketing efficiency.