Over-the-ear Headphone Review: Hesh by Skullcandy (SC-BEHSH07)

Over-the-ear Headphone Review

For the entire time I have had a portable music device, I have had ear bud style headphones. The old style of them was too hard and didn’t fit in my left ear properly, so they constantly fell out. The newer squishy ones that go in your ear canal are comfortable, but still are too small for my left ear to hold onto properly (it is apparently a gaping cavern of an ear).

Finally, I came to a point in my big city, public transportation lifestyle where being comfortable while listening to music was more important than having trendy ear buds. I did some shopping around, and settled on an over-the-head style pair of studio headphones by Skullcandy.

Hesh by Skullcandy

The first day I wore them I was very self-conscious because they kind of make me feel like an anime character (look up the cover of a game called “Jet Grid Radio” and you’ll see what I mean). After about two days I was over any self-consciousness, because I could finally hear my music the way it was meant to be heard, and not have painful ear buds popping out of my ears while I was jamming’. Bottom line: the Hesh (model SC-BHESH07) by Skullcandy are the best headphones I’ve ever used, find more about this.

Product Features

Over-the-ear design helps tune out background noise

50mm drivers with neodymium-iron-boron magnets

Comfortable ear cushions are made of high-grade PU and foam

In-line volume control lets you make quick adjustments

Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz

Sensitivity: 100dB

Impedance: 16 ohms

Includes carry case

Comfort: 9/10

The only reason I couldn’t bring myself to give a full 5 is that when worn for long periods of time, these headphones do make my ears very hot due to the fact they enclose my entire ear. There is generous padding on both the ear pieces and the headband that make these a dream to wear.

Sound Quality: 10/10

Sound Quality

The design of the Hesh (SC-BHESH07) makes them naturally noise-cancelling. The speakers produce both bass and treble easily. The volume control in the cord is great when you need to listen to something besides your music and don’t want to dig your player out of your pocket. Also, the volume actually increases higher than the normal output of my music player when at maximum.

Value: 10/10

Even though $50 is about 5 times what I would normally want to spend on a pair of headphones, I really feel like I got what I paid for here.

Overall: 9.7/10