National Background Checks

For many purposes, an instant background check is not sufficient. Full national background checks have become necessary for certain personnel requirements. Take medical professionals, for example. A doctor, technician or nurse who comes into contact with many patients on a daily basis would be in a position to do a lot of damage if he or she had character defects.

Similarly, teachers or other personnel who come into contact with small children need to have an impeccable record. Whole communities, and not just parents, will be seeking reparation if appropriate precautions are not taken where the safety of their children are concerned. Conducting a thorough background check will help to ensure that a personnel manager’s record remains spotless and that the community remains safe.

Getting the Full Picture

Only a full background check that searches records all over the US will be certain to catch anything and everything on a particular individual. It’s not enough that a company has access to the right databases, either. They need to have personnel who know how to conduct a search and what to look for. Background searches require a certain amount of skill in order to get the right results.

Before committing yourself to a company offering national background checks, ask the company some questions. Most importantly, ask what kind of information they’ll be turning up. You also want to know what their turnaround time is going to be. Only by asking as many questions as you can will you be able to make a fair comparison between companies. Also try and see reviews of their service, if available.

Employee Background Check Companies

Employee background check companies are available to help employers find information about current or potential employees. The best place to find one of these companies is on the Internet. Online screening services are the most quick and convenient methods for obtaining employee background checks. Some services can even provide employers with instant results. In general, the more information employers are seeking, the longer it may take to obtain background checks.

What Background Check Companies Can Offer

Companies that provide background checks may offer information about personal characteristics, reputations, and character qualities. They can also reveal information about criminal records, tax liens, previous employment, licenses, driving records, and property listings. Background checks that provide such extensive information are more difficult to obtain and can be expensive, see more.

Some businesses will use background check companies to perform basic identity checks or criminal checks. Many employers feel that the basic information provided in these checks is plenty for making decisions about employees. Identity checks reveal basic information such as names, addresses, home phone numbers, and birth dates. They may also reveal average incomes or average home prices. Criminal checks can be used to find any county or sex offenses, felonies, or misdemeanors on the records of individuals.

If employers do not want to use background check companies, they can choose to perform reference checks instead. Reference checks involve calling or contacting previous employers in some way. Employers can ask for information about an individual regarding their demeanor, level of responsibility, timeliness, and overall performance in previous positions. Sometimes, employers will contact the friends, business associates, roommates, or neighbors of individuals for additional information.