How you can Play Pokemon go?

How you can Play Pokemon go

Everyone’s here about the game Pokemon Go. It is quite popular these days because of its ultimate experience. Are you mobile gamer or you love to play different games? Especially when you are in love with Pokémon’s? The game comes with ultimate graphics and it started with combination of GPS. If you can’t wait for the game here then go and download this game.

How to sign up for pokemon go?

How to sign up for pokemon go

Do you want to play the Pokemon Go game? For this purpose, you have to sign up. There is need to customize the digital Avatar. Now, you can choose the gender, hair color, color, hat, shirt, pants and other things which can represent your style. Don’t worry about all these things and you can choose your favorite Avatar. If you want to change the style of your of then you can change it to later. You can go to settings and customize it.

The way to re-customize pokemon go-trainer

Once you have done that you will enter the main Arena of game. Now, you can start the Pokemon go. Essentially, you can start the game which comes with the animated version. You will see roads Grass and other areas where you are finding the Pokémon’s. Actually, you can move to the real world. There is a place pop old the game and you have to go to that place to find the Pokemon.

 On the left corner of screen, there is a player icon appears. You can tab on the character’s information and knowledge about all the game achievements.
 In the backpack, you can see all the items which you can pick up and store for your journey.
 You can get complete information and see all the species which you catch.
 Now, you can see all the Pokémon’s which is in your possession.
 You can tap on the grave box on right corner bottom of the screen and find the Pokémon’s which is nearby

The way to re-customize pokemon go-trainer

What you have to know about pokemon go?

Do you want to know how to play pokemon go? It is quite good to catch all the information about Pokemon Go game. Actually, you can catch the entire creature since childhood and you can get introduced with these characters’ names. When you know about the name of all the creators then it can help you to get it. The Pokemon game and comes with other variety of sizes, types. In the list of hundred Pokémon’s, there are a number of you have to catch. There are different creatures available which include electric, grass, water, ground and someone of normal kind.

How to catch pokemon?

When the Pokemon trainers begin the journey to catch Pokemon then you have to start on that place. When you finished then you can customize it your avatar and find out the best Pokemon. You can choose from Bulbasaur, Charmander, chikorita, totodile. After capturing one Pokemon others will disappear. But, there is need to walk away and find out the real Pokemon. It can help you to find the real Pokemon and you can complete missions.