How to Write on Mugs?

How to Write on Mugs

Honestly speaking, the mug is one of the most important household items that we all use for drinking tea, hot chocolate, coffee, soup, and other similar things. Despite the drinking purposes, a mug can be used as a gift. You can print photos, words, and any special message on the mugs and make it a worthy gift. At the present moment, people use the printing mugs as a gift as mentioned. However, you have to be careful when it comes to writing on the mugs.

There are only a few specific methods that professionals have suggested to write on the mugs. Therefore, you will have to be aware when you are choosing any particular method for writing on the mugs.

The task of writing on mugs can become a little bit difficult if you are a beginner. Still, you can make the most out of the do-it-yourself method of writing on the mugs. You can click here or check the following steps to write on the mugs:

Supplies that you will need

Supplies that you will need

In the starting, you will have to collect the required supplies that are essential for the method. If you do not collect the things the entire process of writing on the mugs will become frustrating. This is why you will have to collect the below-listed supplies without asking anyone else:

• Coffee mugs
• Sharpie (oil-based sharpie) markers
• Rubbing alcohol
• Oven for heating the mugs

In the same case, according to your desire and needs, you can add some other supplies to your box for writing on the mugs.

Steps to follow to write on mugs

Steps to follow to write on mugs

Now, you have become familiar with the basic part about the things required to write on a mug. Therefore, you have to check out the following important steps that you should take to write on the mugs in a short amount of time:

Purchase quality mugs- as mentioned earlier, you will have to purchase high-quality mugs that are suggested or recommended by the professionals for writing.

Prefer an oil-based sharpie- in the next step, you will have to go for an oil-based sharpie marker. You can choose any particular color according to your choice in terms of the sharpie markers.

Draw or write the desired things on mugs- after cleaning and washing your mugs, you can start drawing on writing the desired things on your mugs with the help of the sharpie markers. You can click here for more details about the mugs for printing.

Let the mugs get dry- once you complete the writing or drawing procedure, you will have to let the coffee mugs drive for a little bit of time.

Bake the mugs- make sure that you will not forget to heat the mugs by using an oven system. M

Hand-wash the mugs carefully- in the final step, you will have to hand wash the mugs carefully without committing any particular mistake.

With the help of these mentioned above suggestions and ideas, you will be able to write on the mugs very quickly and accurately.