How to read Monocular Magnification?

How to read Monocular Magnification

Monoculars are used for viewing distant objects, same as the binoculars. Sometimes the monoculars become a better choice than the binoculars.

These are the strong telescope devices used for many purposes, such as reading books, getting a view inside the water, birding, hunting, and even stargazing.

But the performance of any monocular depends on its magnification. Better will be a magnification of the monocular, clear and bigger will be a view of the object.

But how can we get the monocular with better magnification? We should know how to read the magnification of the monocular when buying them.

What is the method of reading the monocular magnification?

What is the method of reading the monocular magnification

Monoculars are available in different magnification ranges, starting from 6x to 10x; the best magnification offering monocular telescope starscope comes with 12 x magnifications.

But it does not mean you always need a high magnification monocular you. Because monocular with high magnification is costly and sometimes not suitable.

So we should choose the monocular according to our purpose to use them. For small tasks, 6x and 8 x magnifications are good but for complex and more accuracy, required tasks needed 10x and 12x monoculars.

What does magnification mean?

Magnification is the lens’s power to show the image closer and bigger than the actual object. For example, if we choose a 10x magnification lens, it means that it has the power to show an object ten times closer and ten times bigger than the original image.

How I read the magnification of a monocular?

When we see the monocular in the market, we see two numbers on the monoculars: 6×20, 12×40 and 12×50. What does it mean? There are two numbers; the first number is the magnification. In the above three examples, 6, 12 and 12 are the magnification power of the lens in the monocular.

While the second number, such as 20, 40 and 50, is the monocular size in mm. Bigger will be magnification bigger and closer will you see the image. But it does not mean you always need a monocular with bigger magnification.

What magnification is better

What magnification is better?

There is no doubt bigger magnification shows a more closely and wider image of any object, but it does not mean we always need the larger magnification. If you want to see the images from a short distance and in the presence of light, then you can go with smaller magnification such as 8x and below than 8x magnification.

But if you want to see an object that is more distant or in low light than the higher magnification, monoculars are a better choice, such as 10x monoculars. Such type of monoculars is a better choice when you need them for hunting or birding.

Modern monoculars with 12x magnification are the best monoculars and known as starscope monoculars. If you want to try modern monocular with 12x magnification, then you can check out this link

Final Thoughts: Magnification of monocular is essential to get a better monocular. With a better how to know of reading magnification, you can get the right monocular for you. Magnification reading is quite easy, and you can read it by following the above method.