How to Know if Crystal is Real?

How to Know if Crystal is Real

You might be wondering about a crystal, whether it is real or not. As you already know that many things can help you to understand these things. Once you check out the Crystal options, then you will learn about the products that you have to buy the crystals.

As you check out more options, you will surely understand more about the crystals. Here you will find some details that can help you to differentiate between a real and fake crystal. You must try to get some details about the products to decide the right one for yourself easily.

Learn about the types of crystals

Learn about the types of crystals

Natural crystals which you can find in nature. The natural crystals form over quite a while and are discovered somewhere down in the earth. These crystals take quite a while to form, and they are not mediated by anything. Synthetic crystals are those that are made in labs.

The synthetic crystals have the same chemical and physical properties as natural crystals. They even look the same, then again, they are made within a short time. The synthetic crystals cost much, not exactly the natural crystals.

Check out the type of crystals

One way to differentiate between a synthetic crystal and a natural crystal is that you will notice flaws in the natural Crystal. The natural Crystal won’t have pure color all the way. When you see that the color is unnatural, then its possible that the Crystal is fake.

If you take a look at the base or tip of the Crystal, you may notice some paint. It tells that the Crystal is fake. If you see rises inside the Crystal, then the Crystal isn’t real. It’s glass. If the Crystal looks great, then it is probably fake.

Type of magnification in crystals

It’s a test that can disclose to you whether the Crystal is quartz or glass. At the point when you place the Crystal on the books, the words will be magnified if it’s glass. When it is real quartz, then the words will appear the same. Once you do it, then you can easily determine whether it’s real or not. This way, you can easily buy a real crystal without any worries.

Type of magnification in crystals

UV light test of the crystals

For the testing of turquoise, you can utilize the black light. If it is fake, it will fluoresce. The same is valid for heat-treated sapphires and rubies. Real crystals won’t show these signs. So, you can easily keep these things in mind when you plan to check if the crystals are real or not.

These are some things that you can do to understand whether Crystal is real or fake. It will help you to choose the purchase of any product so that you can get 100% assurance that you won’t have to worry about the Crystal being fake. So make sure that you spend some time and gain all the necessary details to make the decision.