How to Download Google books Without Missing Pages?

How to Download Google books Without Missing Pages

There was a time when eBooks were a new concept. People didn’t know much about them. Some who did weren’t too interested in them. But now, the times have changed.

There are dedicated devices in the market now that contain thousands of eBooks. Those devices are made with the sole purpose of reading eBooks, nothing else.

Even on educational institutions, teachers are suggesting eBooks to study. eBooks not only have an environmental benefit but also, you don’t have to carry them. You can carry your whole eBook library having a hundred thousand books in your pocket.

These are some of the flexibilities that people are enjoying due to the very existence of eBooks. But some people still don’t agree with the fact that eBooks can be paid too. Just because it’s not published on a piece of paper, that doesn’t mean it’s not a book.

That’s why people still now prefer finding free eBooks of any physical book there is. What they do is that they search the name of the book and add the word PDF in the end on google search.

Some books are available for free. Most books aren’t. Paid books mostly have a few pages disclosed, and after that, you’ll have to pay to buy the rest of the book.

So, how can you download google books without missing pages?

So, how can you download google books without missing pages

There’s a straightforward solution to that. All you have to do is find a reliable source from where you can buy eBooks with a low price. The source has to cover two specs only.

First spec: Having a variety

You can’t expect to find all the books in one place. But, still, there are some sources where you can buy any books you want to.

Yes, looking for them is hard, and even some eBook websites are blokes. They take your money and do not provide you with the expected product you paid for. So, be very cautious.

Second spec: Cheap price

No one will agree to buy a book if the eBook version costs more than what it should. The amount of money that costs to produce a physical book can be mitigated entirely if it’s only an eBook.

You have to make one copy and keep the download option open, that’s it. On the other hand, physical books need each copy to be printed.

So, it’s easy for an eBook vendor to provide it at a low price. And there are sources where the prices are low.

You have to find the correct source. Here’s one where you can access hundreds of thousands of books with a very cheap price range –


You can’t expect to have a complete version of a paid eBook to be found on google without any missing pages. If you want to get the full book, just like buying a physical book, you’ll have to have the mentality to pay for them.
Otherwise, eBooks are not for you. You’re not compatible with the technological advancement which you should be.