How To Clean Can Opener?

How To Clean Can Opener

A can opener is the best handheld tool that helps us in many ways in the kitchen to complete our job perfectly with ease. When we use a can opener with time, it becomes dirty and needs proper cleanliness.

Do you remind when the last time you clean the cans opener? You may find this a tiresome job and do avoid cleaning. But cleanliness is necessary for the can opener to ensure its good performance.

No need to hesitate; follow the below simple steps and get the can opener clean properly and easily.

How can I Clean a Can Opener?

Clean a Can Opener

The process of cleaning the can opener is comprised following steps:

Step one

You should arrange the required materials first and then go for the next steps. You may need white distilled vinegar, a Mason jar, an old toothbrush, Dishtowel, and dish soap for a cleaning can opener. If you do not have a Mason jar, you can also use a large or wider container.

Step Two

Take a can opener and put it in the Mason jar but make sure you put your gears down into the jar. Now take a sufficient amount of vinegar, put it in the jar, and make sure that Vinegar has covered all the can opener’s working parts. You can also use other things such as a large bowl or container, but a Mason jar is better than all other containers.

Step Three

Now, wait for a minimum of one hour or more if the can opener is too dirty. Check the can opener; you will see bubbles coming off the gears, or you may also notice gunk in the bottom of the jar.

Step Four

Now bring the jar over the sink, remove the can opener out of a jar, then dip the toothbrush in the vinegar and wait until the brush turns brown; it will take one or two minutes. Dip the brush again in the vinegar and make sure the brush is properly cleaned.

Step Five

After that, add the dish soap to the clean toothbrush and give a scrub to all parts of the can opener with this soapy toothbrush. Repeat the scrub repeatedly until you make sure that all parts of the can opener are properly scrubbed. Repeat the scrub two or three times.

Step Six

When complete scrubbing, then wash the can opener with hot water and then dry the can opener. For drying the can opener, you can use a dish towel or any other soft cloth. Make it properly dry to ensure its safety from rinse and rust.

Now store the can opener in a dry place, keep it’s safe after every use, properly clean it and store it in a dry place.

Final Thoughts:

Can opener with use become dirty, and its performance also affects dust, dirt, and different residuals. So for smooth performance and long life, it is necessary to clean the can opener properly after some use. You can also find more info about can opener cleaning here: