How to Choose a Button Maker Kit

How to Choose a Button Maker Kit

There are several features that you should consider when choosing a button maker kit. A basic button making kit will provide you with a machine that produces buttons and comes with a variety of different tools. These include the Circle cutter, Merc, Adjustable Rotary cutter, and Dynamo punch. These tools will make your button making experience a fun and rewarding one.

Circle cutter

Circle cutter

When choosing a circle cutter custom buttons make kit, there are a few important factors that you should keep in mind. One of these factors is whether the tool is durable and has a good lifetime warranty. The circle cutter should be easy to use and have a good cutting wheel. It should be able to cut through paper easily, without damaging the table surface. There are also two kinds of circle cutters: the Dynamo punch and the Adjustable Rotary cutter.

These machines are designed to cut buttons of various sizes. You can choose from round, oval, and rectangle buttons. Some machines are also designed to cut magnets and take non-standard buttons. You can select from a variety of sizes depending on your needs, but make sure to check that the size of your buttons matches the size of your machine. Some circle cutters are interchangeable, which is a great option if you need to make many different sizes of buttons.

Dynamo punch

The Dynamo punch button maker kit comes with 9 press pins and one holder bracket. It includes sizes 2T (3/8″), 3T (7/16″), 8T (9/16″), 12T (5/8″), 14T (13/16″), 16T (15/16″), and 20T (1 1/8″). The button makers also have an adjustable foot pedal control that makes it easier to make small buttons.

For those who want to make more customized buttons, you can use the Merc circle cutter. This tool is designed to cut images that have multiple layers. First, you print the images one after another and then feed them through the button maker’s cutter. Once you do, the paper will pop out with the button perfectly centred. If you have a smaller budget, you can use a die from a different manufacturer like the Tecre.

Adjustable Rotary cutter

One of the best features of an Adjustable Rotary cutter for button maker kit is the ease of size adjustments. The tool is 9.3 inches long and has an ergonomic handle. This allows for a better grip and can help reduce strain, improving efficiency. The aluminum slide also glides smoothly, making it easy to change the size. The precision screw placement ensures a low failure rate. Compared to traditional button maker tools, this cutter uses only two presses to finish a button. This makes it possible to produce up to 200 to 300 pieces of buttons per hour.

Another great feature of an Adjustable Rotary cutter for button maker kit is its circle cutter. This cutter is an inexpensive and efficient way to cut circular button graphics. The cutter includes interchangeable plastic centering templates that are pre-cut to fit a standard 1″ button. The blade cuts the graphics without damaging any surfaces, and the cutter’s cutting plate protects surfaces from being crushed. The cutter is adjustable so that multiple graphics can be cut at once.


If you have never made buttons before, you may be wondering what the difference is between a Merc Button Maker Kit and a hobby kit. Both are very similar in functionality and price, but you should take note that a hobby kit typically comes with a larger amount of plastic parts and rings. Not to mention, the sizes of buttons available in a hobby kit can vary considerably, from 2-1/4″ to 2-3/4″.

When you buy an all-metal button maker, you will have a large selection of metal shapes. This includes oval, round, and magnetic buttons. You can also choose between a single and multi-size machine. The difference between the two is that an all-metal button maker uses standard North American button parts. This kind of kit is heavy, so you should make sure it’s sturdy enough for industrial use. There are even interchangeable dies available, which can help you make various sized buttons.


If you want to make buttons for friends and family, a Tecre button maker kit is an excellent choice. The basic kit includes a 2-inch graphic punch and a circle cutter. It also includes a Tecre Model #200 Hand Press. It can also be used to make magnets. You can purchase additional supplies online.


The rotary cutter, which costs about $100, is another essential tool. It comes with a small metal plate to protect the work surface from the blade. When you are making buttons, it is important to make sure that the graphic is placed in the center of the button. If the image is off centre, the button will look unprofessional.