How to Change Graphic card Settings

How to Change Graphic card Settings

Graphic card, also known as the video card, is changeable in nature. When you feel your graphics card needs to be changed, don’t wait longer to get your job done.

Don’t know how to change graphic card settings? Well, don’t be disappointed. Stay with us and follow our article until the end.

You will get a clear idea about the graphics card and its setting processes.

Benefits of installing a Graphic Card:

Benefits of installing a Graphic Card

You ask what the benefits of installing the graphic card are, right? Well, there are a lot of benefits lying on installing the graphic card.

Installing graphic card can be the booster to your gaming performance. Better graphics card means better performance on the video edit and video playing.

Generally, a graphic card can take the endurance of the heavy installing of the apps or files on the computer.

Besides, installing a better graphic card can free up the space of your memory. Moreover, it helps to improve your computer experience.

To get this job done, here we will move to the final shot. Let’s shoot

Steps of Changing Graphic Card Settings

Steps of Changing Graphic Card Settings

Although the process of graphic card settings varies from computer to computer, the process I will show you is almost updated and more effective in comparison to others.

We will discuss the processes step by step. So, don’t go anywhere, just follow us.


At first, step when you go for action, you need to go to NVidia website and get your graphics card downloaded and install after reading out the license terms and click on ‘Agree’ to move further.

For powerful performance, you can prefer a card from nvidia 3000 series.


In the second step, you go for a right-click on your desktop and find Nvidia Control Panel and select it.


Here we have reached the third step. Get your mouse pointer on “Adjust Image Settings with Preview”, and find “Use my preference emphasizing: Performance”, and select it instantly.

Now, for the outstanding performance, get the slider to the left and click Apply.


Tap on Manage 3D Settings and open the drop-down menu to Global Settings.

Choose the superb performer NVIDIA processor as your favourite graphics processor and tap Apply.

Step- 5.

In this step, you need to tap on the 3D icon and fix your 3D preferences.


Get the settings in such a way that ensures the maximum performance of the card.


Get back, find the Power icon and tap on it.


Get the Power Plans with a view to maximizing the performance of the graphics card.


When you decide to use a battery, then select the option “On Battery” in the left column and get it for highest Performance and tap Apply.


As a graphic card is an essential part of the computer, it will be on your priority list to make your computer modern and powerful.

To fully acquire the system, you need to go through this article properly and practice yourself at your hope.

We believe you can get your job done through this way and cannot ask anyone how to change graphic card settings.