How to Become a Stock Broker

How to Become a Stock Broker


If you possess a keen business sense and love the fast-paced environment of the stock market, then you might want to consider becoming a stock broker. It can be a stressful job that requires hard work and commitment, but for those that thrive on a fast-paced working environment, it can be very satisfying. Read on for more information on how to become a stock broker.

Do you thrive working under pressure in a fast-paced environment? Do you love studying the stock market for investment opportunities? Do you have a keen ability to make accurate assessments on what stocks to buy and sell? If so, you might want to consider a career as a stockbroker. Continue reading this guide for more information on how to become a stock broker, click site.

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Step 1: Start Early

The sooner you start planning for your future career as a stock broker, the better! It is a fast paced, competitive environment and the more information and experience you have the better your chances for success. Some great ways to prepare include:

  1. Read everything you can about the market
  2. Watch market-related business programs
  3. Study the market and its various fluctuations
  4. In high school take courses in economics, business and math
  5. Start an investment club in high school
  6. Start investing, even if it is only a small amount

Step 2: Education

There are not specific educational requirements for those interested in becoming stockbrokers. However, there are several types of degrees and classes that are recommended for those pursuing a career as a broker. These include undergraduate degrees in:

  1. Economics
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales

Taking any business related classes will be beneficial, but especially those focusing on sales and business management.

Get Registered

Step 3: Gain Experience

Aspiring brokers should gain as much experience as possible. While in college, continue your involvement in business and market related activities, including your own investments in the market and any investment related clubs available on campus. Once you have graduated, it is a good idea to start looking for a job too. Usually by sending your resume to various brokerage firms you can get an internship of entry-level position. Often, the firm will then pay for you to go through the process of becoming registered.

Step 4: Get Registered

In order to legally practice as a stock broker you must become registered, which involves passing a series of tests. The National Association of Securities Dealers administers the various tests, and the most important one is the Series 7 exam. Each state may have additional tests or requirements as well, so once you know which state you will be working in you will need to find out any additional tests or requirements you will need to meet. The benefit of interning or working for a brokerage firm first is that the firm will be able to put you through the registration process they already have set up and you will simply be required to follow their procedure and pass the necessary exams.


If you believe you have the skills it takes to become a stock broker, then why not get started now? Study the market and take all the courses you can and you will be on your way to a successful career!