What is The Optimum Amount of Water Which You Can Keep in a Bong?

You Can Keep in a Bong

Have you purchased a new bong for yourself? If yes, then you must be wondering the amount of water you should put in it before starting to smoke. If you are looking for the fastest way to learn filling up water inside your bong, then you are at the right place. Now, you can easily learn to fill the bong without any difficulty and this would help you to enjoy smoking in the most amazing manner. There are different sizes of bongs available in the market and you need to add the optimum amount of water inside your bong to make it work properly.

When you own a straight bong, then you just need to fill up water till down stem and you need to make sure that the slit is submerged inside water properly? In case, you have bong without any slits, then you can fill up the bottom for about half inches. You can add water according to your choice but make sure that water doesn’t reach your mouth when you inhale the bong. Here you can investigate this site to know how much water to put in a bong:

Adding water in perc bong

If you own the perc bongs, then it would have a different way to pour water and you need to check the size of a bong to know about the amount of water you can add into it. There isn’t much difference between adding water into the normal bong and perc bong because the idea is to add water so that it can submerge all the main opening of perc bong. If her are two main perc parts or openings, then you need to submerge both of them with water.

Does the level of water in bong matters?

The level of water is definitely an important way to enjoy smoking bong in the most amazing manner. If you have the perfect water level in the bong, then you enjoy filtered and cool smoke. If the water will be at a higher label, then you will find difficult to smoke the bong. It might be possible that you will get water inside your mouth if you have a high amount of water in it.

how much water to put in a bong

How will you fill up water in bong properly?

When you are known with how much water to put in a bong, then you can fill up the bong without creating a mess. You won’t’ face any difficulty if you have to fill water in the simple and straight bongs. You can submerge it in water and then pour out the excess amount of water in it. When you use perc bong, then you need to make sure that the water is poured in every chamber of the bong. You can try to blow through mouthpiece when water hasn’t reached down in the chamber. So, these are the simple ways with which it will be really easy for you to fill water in the bong in simple steps. You should get the bong of the best quality if you don’t want to face any problem while filling it up with water.