How does a Fitness Tracker Measure Blood Pressure?

How does a Fitness Tracker Measure Blood Pressure

Things are changing with the technology change, there are many modern machines which make us easy to live and maintain our health.

Among all of these wonderful machines fitness tracker is one of the best devices that help us monitor our health activities such as blood pressure etc.

There are different opinions of people and experts about these trackers; some say that they do not accurately measure blood pressure.

But the reality is that if you properly wear a fitness tracker, it will tell you the accurate blood pressure in your body. Let’s have a look at how a fitness tracker measures our blood pressure.

How fitness tracker measures blood pressure?

How fitness tracker measures blood pressure

Before knowing about the working of fitness trackers, we should know what blood pressure is?

Blood pressure is the amount of pressure that our blood applies to our arteries; the normal blood pressure range is 120/80. The upper 120 is the systolic blood pressure, while the lower blood pressure represents the diastolic blood pressure.

What techniques fitness tracker use to measure blood pressure

What techniques fitness tracker use to measure blood pressure

If you want to get accurate blood pressure, then keep the fitness tracker at the higher level of your arm because the experts recommend that the more you will be closer to the heart level, the more accurate the trackers will be.

First Technique

The first technique used in the fitness tracker to measure the doctors’ blood pressure is mostly recommended by the doctors.

The fitness trackers are programmed to take frequent readings of oscillometric in the morning and evening.

While you do not need to take the additional reading at night, these reading automatically records at night through an inflatable cuff that is available in the fitness tracker inside.

Second Technique

The second technique that is used by the fitness trackers to monitor the blood pressure is through sensors.  In some fitness trackers, sensors such as PPG and EKG are used to determine our body’s blood pressure.   

There are no flat tubes available inside the wrist band; in these trackers, PPG is used for tracking the heart rate while the EKG monitors your blood pressure.    

To check blood pressure through those fitness trackers, you will need to put your finger on the sensors for fifteen to twenty minutes; after that, the tracker’s screen will show you your blood pressure.     

Third Technique

The third technique used in the fitness trackers to monitor the blood pressure is a manual method that is the same as the clinical method.

In these fitness trackers, you can connect the manual machine with trackers and check the blood pressure through that machine, but results will show on your fitness tracker screen.    

Final Thoughts:

Modern fitness trackers help us monitor blood pressure, but some say they are not accurate. But if you wear and properly use them, you can get accurate results using these fitness trackers. Many techniques are used in fitness trackers to monitor blood pressure. To know more about fitness trackers’ blood pressure measuring techniques, visit this link.