How Do You Set a Watch? 4 Steps to Set Your Watch Correctly

How Do You Set a Watch

To set the time of your watch, turn the hands clockwise. Turn the crown in a clockwise direction so that the hour hand is between eleven and one. Make sure that the date and time are set to the day before today, otherwise the watch may not work. Then press in the crown again. Once this is done, your watch should work. If it does not, you may need to reset the watch.

The correct way to set your watch 

The correct way to set your watch 

The correct way to set a watch is very important for mechanical timepieces. A mechanical watch has delicate inner parts, so the settings of the hands, date, and day should be carefully observed. Here are 4 steps to properly set your watch. To begin, unscrew the screw-down crown from the case. Wind the watch clockwise for 20 to 40 turns. If you experience resistance, it means you have over wound it.

Check if the setting crown is screw-like

Watches with a screw-like setting crown are generally water-resistant. However, if the crown opens partially, water can get into the watch and can void its warranty. Some watches have Screw Buttons to ensure greater security when setting them in water. Pulling out the “wheel” should produce one or two clicks. A screw-like setting crown is water-resistant, but not 100%.

Check if the hour hand is not in position between 11 and 1

In order to tell if the watch is in the correct time zone, the hour hand should be between the positions of eleven and one on a dial, but it isn’t, you should first check if the minute hand isn’t pointing to the same place as the hour hand. If the minute hand is pointing to one place but the hour hand isn’t, it’s time to replace your smartwatch cheap.

Check if the date and time are set to the day before today

Check if the date and time are set to the day before today

If you want to know if your watch is set to the day before today, you can check if the date is properly set to the day before today by setting the time to the day before today. Most watches that have day/date functions measure time in 24-hour increments, and will not switch the date when it reaches 12:00pm. To avoid this issue, you can set the time before today so you can push forward the hours manually to get the proper AM/PM settings.


A perpetual calendar is a great way to tell the date without using a calendar. The perpetual calendar mechanism is a complex network of gears that wind in unison and synchronize the indications on the dial with the corresponding day of the year. This feature is essential for a perpetual calendar to keep accurate time. It must be wound in order to keep in sync with the system, so you need to make sure you get one that has a perpetual calendar winder.