How do I get better at Mortal Kombat?

How do I get better at Mortal Kombat

If you like to play fighting games like mortal Kombat, you already know that it is a big challenge to win. You will need time and proper skills to be good at such kind of fighting games. It is all about giving time to your training and focusing on the skills of fighting to be good. As a new player, you may not be familiar with all the tips and tricks to beat your enemies in the game. Now, you don’t have to worry about finding helpful information because you are at the right place for it.

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Play all character tutorials before basic tutorials

Customise your controls in game:

Before you start playing the game, it is important that you can feel it in the desired way. As you know, you will find several control options in mortal Kombat game and you may not like the default settings. For every player, it is important to customise the controls and settings as per your choice. When you are in game training mode, you should be perfect and comfortable with the manual settings.

Play all character tutorials before basic tutorials:

You may find it a little weird but it will be the best way to be perfect in the game. As you know, there are different kinds of characters in the game but you only focus on main and sub-character. If you are looking for the best solution to be familiar with all characters, it will be better to go for the option of character tutorials. You will definitely feel better in a fight after that.

Work on combo timing:

In mortal Kombat and other such fighting games, it is very important to use combos during the fighting. You may start using the combos during fights, but you have to focus on its timing also. When you are going to make any move for combos, timing is very important and it is essential that you can minimise the time between 2 moves.

Blocking is important

Blocking is important:

When you are not doing anything else in the game, you should learn to block and it is very helpful in the game. There are lots of players who choose to hold back instead of blocking but it will not be a great move. Blocking will be much beneficial in such kind of games.

These are some of the useful tips to be better in mortal Kombat game. You can also get help with hack by visiting the website With this hack, you will be able to get unlimited Koins and Souls in your account and it will be very beneficial to be better in this fighting game.