Foot Petals Tip Toes Shoe Insole Review

Foot Petals Tip Toes Shoe Insole Review

Tina Aldatz Norris solved an age-old problem of the discomforting aspects of wearing high heels. Stylish and versatile in many colors, high heels are beneficial to women making a fashion statement. This included elongating their figure and adding an attractive look to their wardrobe. Tina soon began a quest to make wearing high heels more bearable. As a result of her research, she constructed a shoe insole that improved the comfort of wearing high heels. In 2002, her company.

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Consumers can buy Foot Petals at various web sites and stores. One of these is at Foot Petals own web site, This web site offers Foot Petals Tip Toes insoles and other fine products. The available colors are Black Iris, Buttercup, Rose heart, Silver Rose, Leopard, White, Tiger and Zebra. Single packs are priced at $6.95. There are also double pack, triple pack, triple combo packs available. Prices are as follows: $12.95, $18.95, and $18.95 respectfully. One size fits all. Tip Toes provide comfort without the look of orthopedic insoles. All that anyone can observe is lovely shoes and feet. Poron performance urethanes are what Tip Toes are made from. This material prevents calluses from forming on the feet. It helps eliminate overhang and it will not show in open-toe shoes. Plus it protects tissue and bones. The ball-of-foot area is cushioned.

Many customers give Foot Petals a five-star rating. This is the highest score you can give a product. Once in a while someone will give it only one star. Women give rave reviews on the way Foot Peals relieve pain and other foot problems. Their ability to be fashionable and eye appealing is another attribute that consumers enjoy .

Please note that these products are not available in Target retail stores. You can only purchase them at Target’s web site. Their products are Foot Peals Killer Kushionz Insoles – Buttercup (3-pk).The price is $34.95. These full insoles help absorb shock to arches, heels, legs, and lower back. It is a breathable material that helps your feet to remain cool and dry.

Foot Petals Black Sole

The other products offers are Foot Petals Black Sole Stopperz. The price is $12.99. One size fits all. These are great for preventing slips and falls. It has wonderful traction for wet and slippery surfaces. and also have Foot Petal products. Nordstrom web site and retail sores are another outlet where Foot Petal insoles may be found.

Foot Petals are proven to be medically sound and is endorsed by the Beverly Hills Podiatry Associates.