Finding Your Signature Style With Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses

Show off your A-lister style with a pair of sunglasses by LA’s Jacques Marie Mage. The brand’s one-of-a-kind frames are crafted from high-end materials that elevate them well above more obtainable luxury brands like Ray-Ban or Tom Ford.

Founded in 2014, JMM specializes in the micro-production of limited-edition artisanal eyewear. Drawing inspiration from across continents, cultures and generations, JMM fuses next-gen technology with world-class craftsmanship.

1. Know Your Intuition

When it comes to choosing your sunglasses, intuition is a great guide. Your brain is constantly processing information without you even realizing it, comparing everything to your past experiences and looking for patterns. When it finds a match, it sends you an intuitive feeling, like a little voice in your head or heart that tells you to pay attention.

This process is especially useful when picking out frames. Your intuition will tell you if something feels right or wrong, and it can also help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Founded by Jerome Mage in 2014, Los Angeles-based Jacques Marie Mage produces limited-edition artisanal eyewear. Their unique frames draw inspiration “from across continents, cultures, and generations,” incorporating modern-day trends with classical flare. Every pair of JMM glasses undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process, ensuring quality and artistic integrity. The final product is a modern heirloom worthy of any collection.

2. Have Certain Icons or Eras to Look to

Jacques Marie Mage creates limited edition sunglasses that are a step up from the wayfarer styles you’ll find at the mall. They use premium acetate from Takiron, an expert acetate manufacturer that’s trusted by high-end eyewear creators. All of the non-metal frames are handcrafted in Japan, where every aspect of production, from cutting to injection to mounting and polishing, is done by skilled artisans, browse around here.

JMM’s frames are inspired by a range of cultural icons, art movements, and historical eras. Bold geometric shapes and rich colors are signatures of the brand, which also takes a decidedly un-conventional approach to design.

This is clear when you look at frames like the Quanah, which are titanium built aviators named after a 19th century Apache chieftain. It’s the kind of frame you might see a woman wearing in an empty Los Angeles diner, and it’s a style that would definitely make Dennis Hopper jealous. The brand has also branched out into collaboration with stylist George Cortina, who helped launch even more unique perspectives on what cool glasses and sunglasses can be.

3. Have Trusted Filters

Founded by French-born designer Jerome Mage, JMM specializes in the micro-production of limited-edition eyewear, fashion and accessories for a select clientele. The Los Angeles based brand designs frames that go beyond present-day norms with precious materials and bold geometric forms. It’s no wonder that the brand has garnered a passionate following of collectors, like KaL Michael who owns an enviable collection of JMM frames.

In the world of sunglasses, Jacques Marie Mage (or JMM) takes a unique approach with small batch production and jewel box-like packaging. These frames are not to be missed; their sculptural details, fine craftsmanship and storytelling make them wearable works of art.

JMM draws inspiration from across continents, cultures and generations to create a line of modern heirlooms. The Dealan frame embodies this ethos with a flat rectangular lens shape, titanium double-bridge construction and a custom black epoxy detailing the signature arrowhead front pins. This bold construction is the perfect frame for those that seek to stand out and have a bold sense of style.

4. Follow Your Heart

The best glasses frames can feel like a portal to a glamorized era. It’s a sentiment that is reflected in the artisanal approach taken by JMM. The brand focuses on micro-production of its limited-edition frames, which are sourced from the world’s finest manufacturers and crafted using high-end materials.

Founded in 2014 by French designer Jerome Mage, the Los Angeles-based label embraces the idea of fair and ethical production methods to deliver spectacles that present a forward-looking take on visual empowerment. Their impeccably sculptural designs are adorned with precious materials and bold geometric shapes that cleverly reference and reconfigure the artistic movements and world events of previous eras.


The brand recently teamed up with Alanui for the exclusive Topanga style—which features a sculptural silhouette with JMM’s signature sterling silver arrowhead front pins and real turquoise inlays. A limited edition, the glasses are housed in a tooled leather envelope case and presented with a bandana-style cleaning cloth.