Everything You Need to Know about Builder Gels

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What is builder gel? The principle favorable position of a builder gel is its amazingly great leveling properties: it levels itself out easily and is consequently simple to apply. The compound structure of such a builder gel bears a medium dimension of adaptability. This accommodates solid and tough nails. Much the same as a standard gel, it can be utilized as a cement layer and to develop the nail. These gels are a mid to extremely viscous thickness gel, which can be utilized to make and fabricate the shape. They are more grounded than the brush on sort gels and are regularly utilized inside the expert nail industry for nail augmentations and normal nail overlays. Their quality could be contrasted with that of acrylic nails. They will, in general, arrive in a pot, so a different brush is required for the application. Visit our website here: https://semilac.es/.

Steps Involved in the Preparation of a Nail Built Using Builder Gel

Correct preparation of the builder gel nail is crucial in ensuring that it is usable for a longer than anticipated duration. Being extremely important, this step is usually never ignored. Most brands and companies that you buy this from even provide you with a guide for the preparation and application process just to ensure that you do it correct.

  1. One of the most basic, and also the primary step, in this process is to ensure that you have absolutely clean and dry hands and nails.
  2. The second step involves filing or gritting your nails in the desired shape and size using a nail filer.
  3. The cuticles need to go back for the gel to grip onto the surface of the nails more vibrantly, so you’ll have to push the cuticles back. You can use the Cuticle Remover or the Cuticle Tool for the same.
  4. The next step involves roughening up the main surface of your nails in order to provide a gripper surface. Use a sandpaper to carefully remove the shine from your nails.
  5. The final step in the “Preparation” process involves cleansing the nail for the “Application” process. Using the stock “prep it” kit provided by the manufacture should do the job.

The Application Process

The application starts of by initially putting just a layer of the builder gel onto your nails. This creates a steady foundation which allows the second layer, and in some cases the third layer, to aptly lie on top of it without any rifts. Here’s how you do it:-

The Application Process
  1. You start of by taking up a small amount of the gel using your brush and gently applying it to the upper most part of your nail as a start. You slowly come down, coating the entire nail in that builder gel layer. However, while applying, make sure that you leave some space from the cuticle.
  2. Once done, you need to put all fingers on which the gel has been applied into the UV light emitter/lamp for a minute or two.
  3. The final step involves repeating the steps 1 and 2 just once. Once done, the thumbs need to be gelled.

This is how you apply builder gel. These steps answer what is builder gel.