Everything to Know About Confidential Computing

Everything to Know About Confidential Computing

Listed below are the latest developments in the field of confidential computing, including the new Linux Foundation initiative to define standards. Several technology heavyweights, including Alibaba, Arm, Facebook, and Intel, have joined the consortium to develop open-source tools for confidential computing. Some companies, such as Intel, have products available for sale. But what is confidential computing and who should use it? What should businesses be aware of?

Anjuna Confidential Computing

Anjuna Confidential Computing

Anjuna has recently received a Globee Award for their Anjuna Confidential Computing software. This cloud computing solution is a disaggregator, a software application that provides complete cloud computing for any organization. Anjuna’s technology enables organizations to access private crittografia without the need for any IT modifications. In addition, the software is scalable across multiple clouds, making it easy to migrate applications.

Anjuna Confidential Computing is a suite of software and services that protect any application or data stored in any cloud. Its software supports Confidential Computing, a technique called secure enclaves that allows enterprises to complete workloads anywhere without risking the privacy of sensitive information. It can also be used to secure private cloud infrastructure that is not hosted by a public cloud. In addition to its software offerings, Anjuna Confidential Computing hardware includes a range of security and encryption technologies.

Intel(r) SGX technology

Intel(r) SGX technology for secure and confidential computing is a hardware encryption solution baked into Intel CPUs. Its use has applications in commercial, industrial, and military settings. The technology protects sensitive application data from unauthorized access. An MIT paper explains several scenarios in which SGX can be beneficial. In one scenario, an SGX-enabled machine would be more secure than a non-SGX machine.

Intel SGX is a type of trusted execution environment (TEE) that allows runtime applications to be executed safely in a secure, trusted environment. Intel SGX is a hardware-based solution that uses a misc device called /dev/sgx for the SGX driver. This driver protects your sensitive data while it’s running, enabling you to use the system as a trusted computing environment.

Red Hat Enarx

The Linux Foundation’s Confidential Computing Consortium has made Red Hat Enarx for Confident Computing (TEE) one of the leading open source frameworks for running applications in TEEs. The core idea behind Enarx is to provide a single, platform-neutral run-time and attestation framework for the same application code across multiple targets. Enarx supports both ARM and Intel architectures, and it enables developers to use the same code for multiple targets.


The open source conference is held in San Francisco and features sessions on secure data storage and encryption. During the Red Hat Summit, attendees can also check out Red Hat Enarx for Confidential Computing, a secure, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. Red Hat Enarx for Confidential Computing will be available to customers and businesses in Q2 2014.