Discolored Ridged Fungal Toenails – How to Fix: Curing Fungus-related Toenail Problems – the Natural Way

Discolored Ridged Fungal Toenails

Many people feel embarrassed about showing off their feet because of ugly toe nails. The toes become ridged and thickened. They may become discoloured; first the toes become opaque and gradually more and more yellowed and in some cases completely black.

Source of the Problem

Often this problem is treated with anti-fungal paint and ointments. However if the infections keep on recurring this is a sign that the source of the infection isn’t external; it comes from within. Many fungal infections start in the gut and spread throughout the body. They can manifest as digestive problems (IBS, bloating, gas etc), ear-nose and throat problems, or they may show up on the feet as fungal (athlete’s foot) skin infections or toe nail problems.

Ideal Conditions for Fungi

Ideal Conditions for Fungi

Feet are often enclosed in snug fitting shoes that keep the moisture in, ideal breading grounds for fungal infections. Old trainers can harbour spores so that one is never able to get rid of the problem for long. For older people it can be things like sheepskin slippers that create an ideal environment for fungi.

Treating the Problem in a Holistic Way

It is best to use a combined treatment – internal and external – in order to clear the yeasts out of the body, or at least get them to a manageable level. This entails

  • Clearing the yeasts out of the intestines
  • Using anti-fungal creams or powders on the skin
  • Letting the feet be open to the air as much as possible
  • Ionic Foot Detox

Getting Rid of the Yeasts Inside

This is quite easily achieved by taking probiotics – beneficial bacteria in tablet or capsule form. In the “old days” when food was cultivated using natural manures, we would have a ready supply of beneficial bacteria to replenish those that got destroyed.

Unfortunately beneficial bacteria are being constantly destroyed by medications and chemicals in the food and water so that people tend to become depleted. This allows the fungi to take over in the gut. Taking a good quality probiotic will redress the balance. This treatment does take a few weeks (months in some cases) to take effect.

Killing the Fungal Infections

Killing the Fungal Infections

Readily available from pharmacies, anti-fungal creams and powders can be used on the feet daily at least once. Dust the inside of shoes and trainers with anti fungal powder on a regular basis.

As often as possible take the socks and shoes off and walk around in sandals or, in a safe environment, in bare feet. It is also advisable to change the trainers regularly. Wash socks on a hot programme to kill off spores.

Ionic Foot Detox treatment strengthens the immune system by encouraging the body to detoxify speedily. It can help to reduce the “healing crisis” that some people experience when cleansing an intestinal fungus problem.

How Long Does It Take?

It is advised that this treatment be kept up for as long as it takes to restore the toenails to their normal appearance. It could take several months as the old toenail grows out and the new normal toe nail grows in its place. Fungal finger nails will also respond to this treatment too.