Detoxification – Clear Your System Out

Detoxification Clear Your System Out

Using detoxification to rid the body of all of the toxins and waste which accumulate there will encourage a healthy and feel good system. Preparing the body for this is essential. There is nothing complex about the process if you follow the guide lines as explained here.

Preparing for a body detoxification may not appear necessary, however, it is a beneficial part of the procedure. Allowing yourself to be mentally and physically primed, can only be advantageous to the process. Plan your detox date and be inspired by what you are going to do and achieve.

If you are into Yoga this would be a good way to clear the mind and prepare the body physically several days before the detox begins. Yoga also has its own complete program for detoxing the body through exercises and diet, so this may be a preferable option. Gentle exercises like stretching will relax both the mind and body.

Get your blender and juicer into action because this is what will be consumed over a 24 hour period.

Raw fresh greens, parsley, cucumber, kale, barley, wheat grass, spinach. Others include olive oil, flax seeds, raw soups. Another suggestion would be vegetable broth which includes garlic and green vegetables. Normally anyone on a special diet would be able to consume all of these but check with your doctor if you suffer from coeliac disease because barley may be unsuitable. All these foods should be juiced/blended and taken three times per day during the 24 hour detox.

Once the 24 hour detox has come to an end gently ease yourself off the raw pureed and blended vegetables, oils, seeds and raw soups, gradually introducing your normal diet back into the system.

Always seek medical advice if you are worried about detoxification. There are numerous sites you can visit on the web which will advise and answer any questions concerning the process. There could be some unpleasant moments while detoxification is in process, finding out about these before hand will be less distressing if you suffer any side effect during the detox period.

There are herbal aids if this is preferable to raw foods, seeds and oils. Keep your mind focused on what and why you decided to go for detoxification and let the process begin with your own determination to follow through to the end.