Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

Eco-Drive Watches For Men And Women

Citizen is the world’s largest watchmaker – but size isn’t everything, as they say, and the company has more to offer than the sheer number of timepieces that it sells each year.

The backbone of the Citizen watch collection is the “eco-drive” range. These watches use light, both solar and artificial, to power them.

You won’t find many wind-up watches these days, but changing batteries every 12 months or so can be a bit of a pain. With some watches, you can do this yourself, but more often than not this will require a visit to a jewelry store, where they may use special tools to open up your watch and change the battery.

That won’t be a problem with a Citizen eco-drive watch. You’ll never need to change – or pay someone else to change – a watch battery again!

Citizen Watches

Citizen Men’s AR3015-53E Eco-Drive Stiletto Black Ion-Plated Watch

A very modern design, with sleek, minimalist good looks, the Eco-Drive Stiletto has a black, ion plated, face, 36 mm in diameter and very slim at just 5 mm thick.

Even the hour and minute hands are more sharply tapered than normal, which only adds to the overall sleek feel of this watch.

The black stainless steel strap is 20 mm wide. and the watch is water resistant to 30 m (let’s call it 100 feet).

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive WR100 Sport Watch BM8430-59E

The black face and the silver, stainless steel case and strap are a nice contrast for this Citizen sports watch.

The dial is 37 mm in diameter and 9 mm thick. The face includes both day and date indicators, just beside the 3.

The stainless steel band is 20 mm wide and the watch is water resistant to 330 feet.

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Gold-Tone Watch With Leather Strap – BM8242-08E

The uncluttered black dial is easy to read thanks to its gold numerals. It’s 36 mm in diameter and 7 mm thick.

The brown, pigskin leather strap is 20 mm wide and this watch is water resistant down to 330 feet.

The Citizen Eco-Drive System

Although the models in Citizen’s eco-drive range look exactly the same as any other stylish wristwatch, they actually have a small solar panel behind the dial.

Light, from any source – be it sunlight or artificial light – passes through the glass face, through the face of the dial and hits the solar cell. It is then converted into energy and stored in a lithium-ion battery.

The lithium-ion battery in each Citizen watch will last for the lifetime of the watch and will never require to be replaced.

According to the Citizen website, thanks to their revolutionary eco-drive system, 40 million fewer batteries have been deposited in landfill sites. That’s something to think about.


 Citizen Eco-Drive Watches For Women

Here’s a very fashionable bangle watch for women. The square face is 25 mm high by 14 mm wide and the stainless steel strap is 12 mm wide.

It’s water resistant to a depth of 99 feet and has a scratch resistant glass face in order to retain its good looks.

Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Palidoro Watch With Swarovski Crystal Accents

Here’s another very stylish eco-drive women’s watch from Citizen.

The rectangular face is 23 X 15 mm and has swanky Swarovski crystals inlaid into the case.

The stainless steel band is 10 mm wide – nice and slim and not too chunky.

Citizen Women’s Silhouette Eco-Drive Watch

Too low to display (as of 10/10/2012) Another watch featuring shiny Swarovski, the Silhouette has a case diameter of 20 mm and is nice and slim at just 7 mm thick.

The gold colored stainless steel strap is a slinky 13.5 mm wide and this watch is water resistant down to a depth of 33 feet.