How can you get More Diamonds in Hay Day?

How can I get more diamonds in hay day

Hay Day is one of the most interesting games played by lots of people. it can become challenging for people to get diamonds on Hay Day especially if you do not want to be a part with the real cash. there are lots of ways to get diamonds in the game such as extending the number of goods that you sell in the store or you can also increase the capacity of the farm machines to produce goods and able to get more diamond.

These things can take some time to increase the number of diamonds. You can use an effective trick and cheats to stay ahead in the game within less time. If you are wondering to know How can I get more diamonds in hay day then here are some effective tips can help you:

Complete tasks set from the farmhouse

Complete tasks set from the farmhouse

You can complete different tasks set in the game to win the number of diamonds on every level of achievement. There are different tasks set you can found on the game and after completing every task you can win different amounts of diamonds.

Mine for diamonds

At level 24 in the game Hay Day, you can get access to the mine that allows you to dig to get minerals. The mine can occasionally release some diamonds, so you can try to mine frequently to get some diamond.

Wait for the gift

On some special occasions, you can also get some diamonds as a gift. The number of diamonds retrieved in this way can vary. So, you can look for the gift box that is generally placed near to the farmhouse and able to increase the number of diamonds.

Level up your game

Level up your game

At starting, it is not too hard to level up the game. When you start moving up the levels, you can experience gaining more diamonds in an effective manner. You can also sync your game with the facebook account to grab some free diamonds in an easy way.

By selling goodies

As a farmer, you can produce some goodies and then you can sell them in the market to earn coins. You can use these coins in getting diamonds and able to fulfill your needs.

You can also buy diamonds with real money and you will get more value for your money by buying more diamonds. But if you do not want to spend your money on buying diamonds then you can also use these free tips to get more diamonds and able to enjoy your game in an effective manner. There are some cheat apps also available in the market that you can download easily if you want to know How can I get more diamonds in hay day. You do not have to pay money to use these cheat apps and able to fulfill your needs of diamonds in the Hay Day game. Once you access the reliable Hay Day cheat app, you can enjoy getting unlimited coins and diamond to enhance your gaming experience.