Automatic Trading VS Manual Trading

February 9, 2021
Automatic Trading VS Manual Trading

My thoughts continue to drive towards automatic trading and manual trading.

The debate goes in such a way that manual trading will ultimately rule over automatic trading. A lot of the community believes that manual trading is the way to profit and not automatic trading.

Straining my brains to understand why? I believe the answer is this simple, the market is a one big dynamic organism. It changes, rules and variables and whatever not… changes. If you believe in past, present and future, cause and effect philosophy… then you will understand why forex or people who sells product or software on ways to make money put a disclaimer on their websites.


‘The past makes the present and the present makes the future’

So past performances earnings does not necessarily mean the same earnings in the future. That is what they are saying in their disclaimer.

Coming back… Manual traders have an upper hand. Because they are involve in the market directly, they can adapt quickly when the market changes. Robots are dumb programs that follows a set of guidelines… in IT words… a set of programing.

It will not be able to adapt as quickly as a manual trader would. It’s like watching a Star Wars movie where the Jedi slathering the droids by jumps here and there while the droid just charge forward and shoot….

In forex EA, the robot needs to be updated, change and move together with the ever changing market.

Sorry Bruno… but one of the reason why I really slack in backtesting is because of this. Backtesting results are base on past performances, they program the robot in such a way to fit past performances, with the assumption that past data feeds represents all or a period of market condition.

While it is a good indication, that the robot is working really well on past market condition… it does not however say that it will in the present or the future.

I want to quote my best experiences…. Ultimate Shark EA. I bought it because it’s backtesting was damn good. I even tested it myself… it was so good that I put it live. Then it took a turn… after one year. I backtested it again… and the result is this between 2008 and 2009

But at the time I bought it… the backtesting result was as such…

Note: This is the backtest result for Shark Build 3.16. The time when I bought the EA.

The robot was made to fit past datas… The past backtesting was done between 1999 to 1997 but when it was tested forward or rather rewinding back to the past between 2008 - 2009. It was like this in backtesting above. Obviously with the new Shark Build 5 the backtesting results from 1999 to 2009 would be like the second image above.

So what does it says… I can backtest, demo test or even live test all I want… But some facts would remain, you can not trust a EA fully into our present and future performances.

Having said that……… I believe that anything and everything is possible. With that general philosophy in mind, I need to find that WAYS to be profitable with automatic trading. Do what it takes to find that way… but obviously not at the expense of my acc balance.

Having grounded myself to reality, EA sellers can show the whole world with big numbers on their sales page… I will not be swayed because history and the present has or have not yet proven that any one person by using a particular EA has made MILLIONS trading automatically.

Automatic Trading

Don Steintz for example, uses both manual and automatic trading to help him expand his repertoire in forex trading. Plus selling his robot also does help him make more money….

He is a manual trader first, automatic second. I would probably take the backward approach…. automatic trader first… then probably manual trading second…. I guess that would be my ultimate goal….

I acknowledge that Forex EA exist and will continue to exist and improve… but I don’t rely on them.

Now I am going to reply to Rafael here… (he commented on my previous post ‘It’s a Matter of Principle ‘)

Rafael Cadosch says:
my question is the following> if theres is such a way to make money as easy as installing an EA, what will happen with the market? Imagine millions of people with same EA ? I believe the market with no be able to handle it. tell me if im wrong because i trade for 10 years, and I have friends making easy money with them !

I believe Onur mention ‘for some reasons there will be NEVER millions of traders with same EA’ the reason I believe is that at the end of the day, it is a human who controls the EA, so there will be emotion attached. If the forex EA made losses during that week… that EA would be in the recycling bin. While at the same time, another guy on the other side of the world might use it…. Or another genius will be trying to sell his new system to the world.

The market is just too dynamic to allow 1 million people using the same EA at the same time. Forex EA is too rigid, and with people still having emotions, they will have an influences whether a particular forex EA will be used on the market or not.

I also believe that ‘there is NO such thing as EASY money in this market, not at the long run’. Short term yes… probably… but long term… no… DYNAMIC is the keyword of the market…. It will not allow money to be given easily…

Try catching a moving train… not easy no…. Again, I acknowledge that Forex EA exist and will continue to exist and improve… but I don’t rely on them.

Strategies for Improving Online Chess Play: Get a Better Rating While Improving Your Game

February 8, 2021
Strategies for Improving Online Chess Play

Playing chess on the computer has much in common with 'over the board' play with a 'live' opponent. In the latter situation, the parameters of play are set down and these are followed by mutual agreement.

Internet chess has more in common with correspondence chess. Here players are usually given an extensive amount of time to consider a position and make a move. Internet sites often allow players to agree to 3, 7 or 10 days in which to make a move. In addition players are often at liberty to consult opening books as well as texts on game theory and strategy.

Amateur vs Scientific Chess

Amateur vs Scientific Chess

Before stating a game with an unknown opponent, it is probably a good idea to study his or her previous games to gain an understanding of their level of play and the extent to which they are playing amateur or scientific chess. The former type of player is often referred to as a "wood pusher." This is due to their lack of understanding of the "big picture" of the game. In his book titled "New Ideas in Chess," GM Larry Evans points out that there are four factors at play in a chess game. These are:

  1. Force- the relative value of pieces
  2. Pawn Structure - the strength and weakness of pawn formations
  3. Space - the amount of space your pieces control
  4. Time - correct utilization of moves so as not to waste effort.

The average beginner may understand only the first element. The scientific approach to chess requires the skillful application of all four aspects of play. It is reasonable to say that the scientific approach will produce victory over players who are amateur. This means that if one is an amateur player who is looking to increase ones ranking, it is probably best not to play high ranked players. On the other hand playing against good players can teach one much about the game. In this context, there is an adage that one learns more from a loss than from a victory. To know more about the Chess, read here:

Time Management

In all cases, internet players should take due time to consider positions and to look at possible moves and their consequences. Impulsive play is the a prescription for defeat. Spend time to consider what ones opponent is trying to to. This is especially true of unexpected moves. Beware of traps!

Do not let your time run out! If you do so, you are then at the mercy of your opponent who may choose to claim victory; even from a lost position. Internet programs often allow one to 'go on vacation.' This means that players have extra time, in addition to that agreed upon. If you are taking a break, make certain that you have correctly paused your games otherwise you may return to find most of you matches have become losses.

Improve Your Rating

As with tournament chess, one's rating improves with wins and draws (against higher ranked players).

Thre are two strategies to use in this regard;

  1. Defeat or draw against higher ranked players
  2. Defeat lower ranked players

A close study of the players roster will demonstrate this. Some high ranked plyers got there through tough battles with other strong players. Others have simply defeated many lower ranked players and may never have had a difficult position to deal with!

Improve Your Game

Improve Your Game

To become a better player one has to play against strong competition. Learn from games and study the games of others. In this manner you will start to grasp the "new ideas" mentioned above. Learn a few good openings and experiment with them. Do not defeat youself by getting psyched out! Avoid cheap traps in favour of sound play. Always assume that your opponent is a Grand Master and seek out the best move possible in a position. GM Nigel Short has referred to this as a "candidate's move.' This type of play requires a relaxed disposition and a positive attitude.

Online chess provides an excellent forum for the imporvement of ones chess skills. One can almost always find an opponent and you can take your time when making moves. Chat with you opponent and you may also make a friend. Players come from all corners of the world and yon never know when an internet game may turn into an over the board game in a distant land.

Car Customization, Car Protection with Clear or Tinted Films

February 5, 2021
Car Customization, Car Protection with Clear or Tinted Films

It's a lot like jewelry for your car. You can change the look of your car's exterior to yield a quick, easy, inexpensive, and changeable customization. It's all about films, and I'm not talking about the kind they make in Hollywood.

A San Diego shop called SD Tint employs the newest film technologies for customizing cars. They do the neatest things with them. Here are some examples.


You can have flames filmed onto your car. They look particularly good on red, yellow, orange, or black pick-up trucks. This is the most far-out example of the work that they do. My only point with the flame example is that SD Tint will put whatever graphic you want on your automobile with films. While they prefer, ahem, tasteful designs or business graphics, they will do whatever strikes you at the moment for customizing your car.

The most interesting aspect of such films is that they can come off after you've gotten through your "flame phase." Film designs over large areas serve as protective layer for the paint. When you're finished with flames, the protected surface is ready to accept your next innovative design idea!

Car Customization

Window film

Window tinting is what customers request most. Protection from UV is almost a necessity in Southern California. Darkened windows have other benefits including glare reduction, privacy, improved interior comfort, reduced interior fabric deterioration and fade. The degree of darkening is up to you because of the wide variety of tints available. The darkest tints allow you to do whatever you want inside without being observed. Surfers take note: You can change into dry clothes from that wet suit without being nabbed for public nudity!

Paint protection

You don't need to apply film in flames to protect the paint underneath. Films come in a clear, completely see-through variety. When applied to the front of the car, it's called a clear bra. (I sure wish there was another name for it.) The clear bra invisibly protects the front of the car from the build-up of stuff that sticks so tenaciously there. Like bugs. Or tar. How about those newly chip-sealed roads in the Southwest? How about flying debris when you're flying down the freeway in San Diego? I wouldn't have a car without a clear bra. I wouldn't have the front of my car without a clear bra.

Windshield protection

Clear film can also go onto the windshield. The protection here is most notable against a cracked windshield. If you're like me, that's the first thing I get after getting a new car. Every car I've ever had, had one. Like a clear bra, windshield protection is going to be standard equipment addendum for cars in my future. And if you don't believe me, catch the video showing how it protects your windshield from flying debris.

It CAN happen to you

Chances are good that SD Tint can decorate, protect, and even solve unimaginable car issues with films. Don't want flames? How about protection from acts of vandalism such as key scratches on your car door? Graffiti spray-painted on your hood? Soaped windows on the night before Halloween? Films are an amazingly simple solution to an amazing array of exterior issues. Beware, and be aware of films!

Pharmaceuticals and Marketing Electronic Commerce

February 1, 2021
Pharmaceuticals and Marketing Electronic

Under market economy system, ifone wants to base on the market on must first set up a marketing plan.The marketing is connected to the social need and the enterprise function link. The marketing is one kind of creation of behavior. The marketing not only seeks for the customer who already has a need that existed, and meets the needs, moreover one must discover and solves the customers' request, but must respond warmly to any questions. The marketing is one kind of management process, it is the analysis, the plan, the execution, and the control process of management. The marketing studies the market, it studies the customer needs and the characteristic and the demand. The enterprise through the production and the sale on commission satisfy the need for a product, through the network, by finding the suitable price, the suitable method carries on the dissemination, and enables the customer to gain the benefit. Therefore the marketing is the enterprise and society's link and the bridge, click for source.

Pharmaceuticals and Marketing

Emerging electronic commerce surpasses the traditional marketing. Electronic commerce causes the enterprise to use the Internet processing as a daily service, the transaction, namely with the supplier, the customer, the bank, the distributor and other trade partner's daily are in contact, reducing the enterprise production and the selling costs, reduces cost between the manufacturer and end-user's distance. A recent change has been between doctor and patient. The substantial clause is between the pharmaceutical factory and the patient, between the hospital and the patient, is away from many middle links such as the traditional role of the doctor that is no longer in the marketing of the final product. The drugs defer to the traditional pattern of marketing, because layer upon layer we see increases in price which causes the drugs price to be higher than the cost at certain times. With traditional drugs marketing customer quantity was few, the selling costs were high, the convenience is bad, communicating the abilities of the product were a weak shortcoming with the patient. However now new drugs are made that have high demand for problems affecting us all to some degree and marketing may be adding to the number of suffers when in fact the people may be healthy but see the ads and think they have something wrong with them. Electronic commerce uses electricity and the telephone line; the computer network transmits the information, the commodity and the service. This allows the pharmaceutical factory, the medical instrument factory, the medical reagent plant to use the electronic commerce to process the daily service, electronic commerce is the commercial trade and the work flow automations technical application. Electronic commerce causes the medicine business management social stratum to reduce the cost, improves the product quality, and the acceleration pf product transmission. Through the network purchase and the sales of drugs, the reagent, the medical instrument, caused between the pharmaceutical factory and the patient have gotten rid of the traditional commercial intermediary, reduced the drugs cost expense, thus reduced the medicine price. Reducing the pharmaceutical factory go between has changed the market mechanism. The expanded customer community, has brought the infinite development opportunity to the pharmaceutical factory, and raised the marketing efficiency.

When Should I Service My Watch?

January 30, 2021
When Should I Service My Watch

High quality watches need maintenance from time to time. Find out how often to service your watch.

Many watches today are of the "disposable" variety. These are inexpensive options, that can simply be replaced when they fail. However, some people still choose to have a fine watch. These are the more expensive option, but this type of watch will last for many years if taken care of, and are often handed down from generation to generation.

Service Watch

Before we get into when to have a watch serviced, there is one important piece of information that you must know. Always read the owner's manual that comes with your watch. It is possible that your warranty may be voided if you take the watch to an unauthorized service center. The other reason you should refer to the owner's manual is that if your watch needs repair, instead of routine service, you may find that it is covered under the warranty, find more info.

If the maker of your watch is still in business, and hopefully they are, you should contact them before having your watch serviced. Even if you are free to take your watch anywhere without voiding the warranty, the watch maker will be able to make recommendations as to where the best place to seek service is. A fine watch can cost thousands of dollars, and taking it to just any service location is not recommended.

Obviously, you will know when it is time for a battery change, but for all other types of service, you will need to refer to your owner's manual. A fine watch does not require much maintenance really, but occasionally it will need to be inspected and tuned.

still business

Quartz analog fine watches need an occasional battery change, and service every six to ten years. Digital quartz watches rarely need anything other than a battery change. Mechanical watches need maintenance more frequently than quartz analog watches. This should be done every three years of so to ensure that they stay accurate and retain their water-proof properties.

The cost of fine watch service will vary by what the watch needs, what brand it is, and where you get it serviced. Considering the frequency of which this needs to be done, it is a small price to pay in order to protect your investment. Watches such as a Rolex are meant to last a lifetime, and then some. This is the type of watch you will eventually pass down to your children or grandchildren, so keeping it in top shape should be a priority. Let your owner's manual be your guide, and if you no longer have it, contact the company that made your fine watch. Between the two, you will be able to find out the exact maintenance schedule of your specific watch. Once you know when to service your watch, follow up on this information. This is the best way to protect your investment.

Product Review: Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap

January 29, 2021
Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap

Instant Weight Loss Detox Body Wrap

The Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is said to be one of the favorite tools among the starts to quickly lose at least one inch of weight almost instantly. The Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap advertises with proper use the product will remove 1 inch from one's waistline almost immediately.

In reviewing the product it was discovered the Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is virtually the same make up of ingredients used in most spas. The Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is basically made up of all natural products formulated with detox the body. Ingredients include seabed and glacial clay through the use of amino acids virtually draws toxins from the body. The Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap also contains an aloe-vera base formulated to tone the skin.

Instant Weight Loss Detox Body Wrap

The Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap unlike other detoxification systems is not formulated nor is it designed to make the user lose water, which is temporary. The results of the Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap are formulated to produce permanent removal of toxins. The product promises measurable results and is a safe alternative inexpensive spa treatment conveniently available for use in one's home. Other benefits of the Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap include the fact that the product minimizes the appearance of cellulite. Additionally it also tightens loose skin, and also enhances the appearance of aging around the neck area. visit here:

The Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is very easy to use. One need only apply the clays to the area to be detoxified and wrap the bandage tightly around the area. The bandage works by compressing the skin and tightening it as toxins, which are attached to the fat cells are drawn from the body by the clay mixture.

The Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is easy to use and is easy to acquire. The retail price or the Verseo Detox Body Wrap is approximately $39.99. The kid contains two large bandages and the essential clay products for detoxification. This is a safe inexpensive and natural way to permanently remove toxins. Known to be an instant weight loss detox body wrap, the Verseo Holly Detox Body Wrap is conveniently available from the online store for Verseo.

Individuals with special medical conditions particularly circulatory problems, phlebitis, breathing difficulties, and or pregnancy, should consult with their physician prior to using the Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap. For more information on the Verseo Hollywood Body Detox Wrap Original visit The Ladies Choice online.

Detoxification – Clear Your System Out

January 28, 2021
Detoxification Clear Your System Out

Using detoxification to rid the body of all of the toxins and waste which accumulate there will encourage a healthy and feel good system. Preparing the body for this is essential. There is nothing complex about the process if you follow the guide lines as explained here.

Preparing for a body detoxification may not appear necessary, however, it is a beneficial part of the procedure. Allowing yourself to be mentally and physically primed, can only be advantageous to the process. Plan your detox date and be inspired by what you are going to do and achieve.

If you are into Yoga this would be a good way to clear the mind and prepare the body physically several days before the detox begins. Yoga also has its own complete program for detoxing the body through exercises and diet, so this may be a preferable option. Gentle exercises like stretching will relax both the mind and body.

Get your blender and juicer into action because this is what will be consumed over a 24 hour period.

Raw fresh greens, parsley, cucumber, kale, barley, wheat grass, spinach. Others include olive oil, flax seeds, raw soups. Another suggestion would be vegetable broth which includes garlic and green vegetables. Normally anyone on a special diet would be able to consume all of these but check with your doctor if you suffer from coeliac disease because barley may be unsuitable. All these foods should be juiced/blended and taken three times per day during the 24 hour detox.

Once the 24 hour detox has come to an end gently ease yourself off the raw pureed and blended vegetables, oils, seeds and raw soups, gradually introducing your normal diet back into the system.

Always seek medical advice if you are worried about detoxification. There are numerous sites you can visit on the web which will advise and answer any questions concerning the process. There could be some unpleasant moments while detoxification is in process, finding out about these before hand will be less distressing if you suffer any side effect during the detox period.

There are herbal aids if this is preferable to raw foods, seeds and oils. Keep your mind focused on what and why you decided to go for detoxification and let the process begin with your own determination to follow through to the end.

Must-Have Features for an Electric Toothbrush

January 24, 2021
Must-Have Features for an Electric Toothbrush

As electric toothbrushes get cheaper and cheaper, more and more people are choosing an electric toothbrush over the classic manual ones. Just because the electric toothbrushes are getting cheaper doesn't necessarily mean that you should be buying the cheap electric toothbrushes and wasting your money. Instead there are certain features that you should look for in all electric toothbrushes, no matter if they are $5 or $100. Visit this website to find out the best electric toothbrush.

best electric toothbrush

Look for a toothbrush that has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for up to a week when it is fully charged. This way you don't waste money on new batteries every month and you don't have to worry about taking the charger with you if you go on a weekend trip.

Electric toothbrushes that offer a wide size of heads for the brush are a good idea if you are unsure of what size head you may like. Most dentists recommend a smaller toothbrush head as it is easier to reach hard to get to places with a smaller head than a larger one. You can even use two different heads when you brush your teeth if you want to.

If you are willing to spend more money on your electric toothbrush, which you should, then find a brush that not only spins but also moves side to side or pulsates as well. This ensures that all your teeth are getting a really thorough cleaning every time that you brush them. This type of action also helps to rid plaque that is in between the teeth and right by the gum lines. By getting rid of plaque you can help prevent gum disease.

Some of the more expensive electric toothbrushes have timers in them so that you know how long you have been brushing your teeth and when it is time to switch to another area of your mouth. Although this is not a must-have feature of an electric toothbrush, it is nice to have. If you are willing to spend a good amount of money on your toothbrush, then I recommend finding one with a timer.

If you decide to go with a more expensive electric toothbrush, you want to make sure that the product comes with a warranty. Like any other electrical gadget, sometimes your toothbrush may break down or suffer from a defect. If you have a warranty on your toothbrush, you don't have to worry about being out $100 because it broke the first month after you purchased it. Most electric toothbrushes like uSmile Pro will include at least a one year warranty with your purchase. Just be sure to activate the warranty if you have to.

expensive electric toothbrush

If you are looking to buy an inexpensive electric toothbrush you can now find certain types for only $10 at your local grocery store. These toothbrushes are more like the manual ones in that they are not meant to last forever. This may be an option for a person who only wants to try out an electric toothbrush. If you are looking to spend a significant amount of money, then be sure to do your research and look for the features that are listed above when you buy your electric toothbrush.

When Was The First Toothbrush Invented?

January 23, 2021
When Was The First Toothbrush Invented

The toothbrush is essential for oral hygiene as it can help you to keep your gums, tongue, and teeth clean. You must use the best brushes as it can help you to get a proper cleaning. It is made up of highly clustered bristles that can be used by using a toothpaste over it.

It facilitates in ensuring that even popular clean your mouth area and you can easily use of floss alongside it. There can be different types of brushes, which has a different texture, form, or size to offer different cleaning process.

You must learn everything about the brushes to ensure that you can choose the right one so you can focus on your dental hygiene.

The Invention Of The Bristle Toothbrush

The Invention Of The Bristle Toothbrush

The toothbrush as we know it today was not designed until 1938. In any case, early types of the toothbrush have been in presence since 3000 BC. Antiquated developments used a "bite stick," which was a slim twig with a frayed end. These bite sticks were rubbed against the teeth.

Different measures were taken to ensure all dental hygiene. You can easily find that the various options were evolved with time and certain new additions were included to these options. You will surely find them to be quite useful to expect the best results with the toothbrush.

When Were The Boar Bristles Invented?

The fiber toothbrush, similar to the type used today, was not concocted until 1498 in China. The fibers were the firm, coarse hairs are taken from the rear of a hog's neck and connected to handles made of bone or bamboo.

You can easily learn more about these types of toothbrushes that were quite popular in the beginning. It necessary that you are aware of such information so you can understand how all these different options prove useful.

How Modern Electric Toothbrush?

Hog bristles were used until 1938 when nylon bristles were presented by Dupont de Nemours. The main nylon Toothbrush was known as Doctor West's Miracle Toothbrush. After that, the Americans were affected by the trained hygiene propensities for warriors from the 2nd World War.

They turned out to be increasingly concerned with the practice of good oral hygiene and immediately received the nylon toothbrush.

How Modern Electric Toothbrush


These are some of the things that you must know about Toothbrush. Once you know about the history of the truth but you will surely find how it can ensure proper hygiene. The toothbrush must be store in a clean area to avoid getting any germs on it.

You can properly maintain hygiene with the dental cleaning and ensure that it offers you a much better outcome. some biodegradable plastics can be perfect so you won’t have to worry about any environmental issues when using a brush.

Before the toothbrush was invented, certain oral hygiene measures were used to ensure the perfect outcome. The tree twigs were used as a way to clean the mouth.

Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream: Augusta National Golf Course, Format, & Holes

January 22, 2021
Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream

The Masters Golf Tournament will be played in Augusta National Golf Club in 2021. And this is the only competition that takes place in the same place every year.

Augusta National is one of the oldest golf courses in the USA. It is a private club, which means not everyone can visit it. Though during the competition this year, a limited number of audiences will be allowed.

You also can enjoy Masters Golf 2021 Live stream from your device. However, if you're a golf player or regular golf viewer, you should have a good idea about golf courses, format, and holes. And you must want to know these details about this year's tournament.

Augusta National Golf Course Overview 2021

Augusta National Golf Course Overview 2021

As a golf fan, you already know that no golf courses are created equal. And this applies to Augusta National too. The course is 520 yards for 2021. It is bigger than the course on which The Masters 2001 was played.

However, the Masters Golf always takes place here. So, the players have a pretty good idea about the courses and holes. However, the organizer is always working on improving the course so that they can present a more exciting competition from now on.

Augusta National Golf Holes 2021

There will be 18 holes in total during this year's version of The Masters. And all of them are equally important. However, it is impossible to display the extreme elevation of holes' in a 2D screen.

The first hole is Tea Olive, par 4, then Pink Dogwood, par 4, and the list go on. The 18th and the last is named 'Holly', a par 4 course, measured 465 yards. You can check The Masters' website to get the details of all the holes.

Format of The Masters 2021

The first round of the competition will start on Thursday, 8th April. Then every day one round of golf will be played in 18 holes each. This will go on for 4 days and end on Sunday, 11th April. It means the competition will have 4 rounds in total. This format is followed in most of the other golf tournaments too.

Famous Landmarks of Augusta National

Famous Landmarks of Augusta National

The golf club is there for a very long time. During this long period, several landmarks have made their name in history books for different reasons.

The first thing you will see when entering the club is the famous Magnolia Lane. According to sources, there are 61 magnolia trees on each side of the lane since the 1850s.

Then you will see the Founders Circle, which is very popular among players as a photoshoot spot. Then Hogan bridge and Sarazen bridge are also two iconic places.

There are ten cabins in Augusta National, and The Butler Cabin is the most famous because the iconic green jacket is presented to the champion in this cabin.


Augusta National Golf Club made its name out of The Masters. And this year once again it will host the most prestigious golf tournament. You can watch Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream from anywhere in the world. It will be an exciting week of golf.