US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream: Watch the Practice Round

May 8, 2021
US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream: Watch the Practice Round

The main round of the US Open Golf 2021 will start on 17th June. Before that, the practice round will start on 14th June Monday. It helps the players to get familiar with the course before the event. This year the game will be played on the Torrey Pines South Golf Course. Many people also prefer to watch the US Open Golf 2021 live stream of their favorite players practicing. But how? Let's find out.

How to Watch the Practice Round of the 2021 US Open Golf

Sadly, the US Open Golf 2021 live stream of the practice round won't be available on TV. However, there are plenty of other ways to see the practice round. Some of them are:

Visit Torrey Pines Golf Course

Visit Torrey Pines Golf Course

The first and best way to watch the practice round is to get a ticket and visit the course in person. If you purchase the weekly ticket, then you'll have access to the ground the whole week from 14th to 29th June. During the practice session, you may also get an autograph from your favorite players. However, not everyone can visit the course in person. In that case, follow our next methods.

Official Website

Visit the official website of USGA. They will keep posting short clips of the practice round. However, you may not get clips of the whole practice session. But surely you find the ones that matter. So, keep checking the site regularly during the practice sessions.

News Streaming

News Streaming

Another way you can see clips from the practice session is to watch golf news. As it's one of the biggest golf events of the year, almost every news station will cover it. So, during the practice session, they will also show some clips. Not to mention, you don't get much of a look at the sessions. So, it's better to follow the other ways.


YouTube is the world's largest video gallery. They have videos of almost everything. USGA official channel and other golf channels will also upload clips from the practice session. Therefore, you can have a look at that too. We all use YouTube every day. So, it's the most convenient way in our opinion.

Social Media Sites

You can find everything on social media sites. That's right too for the practice sessions too. Popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are full of golf fans. So, USGA and other golf pages will upload some clips from the sessions. Besides, you can find some exclusive clips here.

Social Media Sites

That's because your favorite golfers also have Social Media accounts. And they often upload videos about their life. So, they also are expected to post videos from the practice session of the US Open Golf. Most of the videos will be taken by themselves. Hence, you can expect some uncommon angles.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best ways to watch the US Open Golf 2021 live stream of the practice sessions. The main round may have a lot of actions, but these sessions include both action and fun. Therefore, as a true golf fan, you would never want to miss that.

Apply for Government Grants

May 5, 2021
Apply for Government Grants

People are still suffering from financial crunch and need additional funding for various purposes. The government is intended to help these needy individuals and organizations. This is the reason why the administration is still creating and designing federal government grant programs to help them get back to their feet as soon as possible. Government grants were there for years but they were not easily accessible for general public. The application process was confusing and lengthy and most of them were for low-income group of people only.

Today, the application process has been simplified and the grants have been made available to all citizens and permanent residents of America who qualify for them. Now, it is possible for any person to get the grant money and use it for the purpose it is assigned for. However, there are certain points that one should keep in mind when applying for government grants. Collect all information regarding the grants that you want to apply. Just keep in mind that these grants are free financial aid and so the information is also available for free. You do not have to pay even one dollar for gathering details.

application process was confusing and lengthy

Follow the application procedure for the federal government grants that you wish to apply. The instructions are available along with the form. Make use of the legitimate website of the federal government so that you get complete and updated information. Find the right grants and see whether you qualify for it or not. This is important. Some of the grants have the facility to be applied online. Make sure you have rechecked the application form before you hit the submit button, more details.

Remember, government grants are available for all possible and legal reasons. You need sufficient time to research well and find the most appropriate grants. Choose the genuine resources and then apply for the grants for which you qualify. It is better to analyze beforehand whether the award money is sufficient to fulfill your needs or not. Apply for the federal government grants successfully and wait for the approval or denial of your grant application. You should be prepared for the negative result also.

If you want to apply for government grants, you will first of all have to find the most appropriate grant. Whether you want the grant money to fulfill the need of your organization or meet some personal requirements, you have to apply for the relevant grant and only then you will be able to accomplish your needs. There are numerous government grants available and you can make use of the money to go back to school or college, complete education, start a new business, expand your existing business, pay off your debts, repair or renovate your house to make it comfortable to live and so on.

Depending on your needs, there are grants divided into categories and you have to choose the one that fits in your criteria and for which you are able to qualify. You should also apply for those grants that are capable of fulfilling your needs so that your intention of applying for the grants gets fulfilled. Also, you will have to give details of the expenditure during the time of verification. Find the right grant, go through the requirements and then follow the right application procedure to apply.

So, if your need is genuine and you have an authentic reason behind your financial crisis, you can easily apply for government grants. The best place to look for the grants are the legitimate website of the government, where you will find complete details regarding the availability and requirements of the government grants. For better assistance, get yourself registered there. You will be informed about the grants when they will be announced. Also, if there is any deadline approaching you will be informed so that you do not miss filing the application.

specific requirements that the applicant has to fulfill

Do not forget that every grant has some basic and some specific requirements that the applicant has to fulfill. It is better to apply for those grants for which you qualify so that your time and effort is saved from getting wasted. Once you find the right grant program, now it is time to apply for government grants by filling the application form properly and submitting it.

On Meditation

May 4, 2021
On Meditation

HOST: You've written a wonderful book, "Meditation for Beginners" that makes Meditation, something

often difficult for Westerners to understand and apply, very accessable. I'm curious about how you reached such an understanding. How, for example, did you learn to meditate?

DR. CLEMENT: I don't know when I first learned to meditate. I recall times in church during silent prayer and vigils that seemed like meditation, but were certainly not called meditation.

My son and I took Aikido lessons together for years, and our teacher taught us Ki meditation. I also had formal instruction in meditation when I worked at The Naropa Institute, (now Naropa University), in Boulder. These three methods are quite different from each other.

HOST: Why do you feel meditation is important? What are the benefits? What's the point?

DR. CLEMENT: For me personally, meditation calms my mind. Like everyone, my mind is continually working, and sometimes that work is counter-productive. Meditation helps me to clear my mind so that I can be more productive, find more info.

meditation calms my mind

There are also physical benefits, such as improved breathing technique, better lung capacity, slowing the heart rate, controlling blood pressure, to name a few. If I didn't get any other benefit, clearing the mind would be a plenty good reason to meditate.

HOST: Is meditation a practical, everyday thing that people can do? Does one always have to be sitting, breathing or chanting a certain way?

DR. CLEMENT: Meditation can be done just about anywhere. Of course, I don't recommend it while driving, using sharp implements, or in other situations that could be dangerous.

You don't have to sit a certain way, (I have never been able to sit in full lotus position), but you will want to be consistent in whatever method you choose. My consistent factor is paying attention to my breath.

My teachers said to follow the outward breath, and allow the inward breath the happen naturally. In Ki meditation, we learned to slow the breathing cycle, and to breathe very deeply. This technique is useful for any task that requires steadiness because steady breathing creates steadiness elsewhere in the body.

When I do walking meditation, I tend to breathe in for a certain number of steps, and then breathe out for a certain number. But don't let the counting become the focus!

HOST: If we do this, how long will it take before we begin seeing and/or experiencing results from meditation? What will these be?

DR. CLEMENT: Many people experience the general calming effect almost immediately. In addition, with practice the calming occurs within just a few minutes. Most people can sense, if not actually track, the slowing if the pulse and the relaxation associated with slightly lower blood pressure.

This could take a bit more time to occur, but within a week of short daily meditations, you will begin to feel the general relaxation. If your meditation involves walking, yoga, or other movement, you will also feel a sense of greater confidence in the movement as you practice, and you will also develop greater strength.

This level of change depends on how long you meditate each day, and how strenuous the yoga practice is. When I was learning kundalini yoga, it took several months to get strong enough to complete many of the asanas, and some I never mastered to any degree. I did get stronger, though, and my endurance improved.

HOST: What can we expect to experience when we meditate?

What can we expect to experience when we meditate

DR. CLEMENT: This depends on what style of meditation you choose. In sitting meditation, you may experience both a relaxation of mind and body, and from time to time, the stiffness that results from sitting still. Sometimes a foot or leg will go to sleep, so it is always a good idea to get up slowly and test your balance.

You may experience the repetitive quality of your thoughts. When this happens, you can simply return to the meditation, following the breath or focusing on the yoga, or whatever is appropriate.

Eventually you will experience gaps, during which you seem to have no thoughts. This can be startling at first, but it is a natural outcome of meditation. If there is a gap, there is room for a new insight.

HOST: What are 'altered states of consciousness'? Does that mean we see things when we meditate? Will we always walk around in an 'altered state' once we reach one?

DR. CLEMENT: My hypnotherapy teacher said that we are all in an altered state of consciousness moment to moment. Each time I respond to a new question in this interview, my state of consciousness changes.

Some people do "see" things differently, or hear things. Sometimes it seems like normal sounds recede from awareness. In meditation, sensations arise and shift.

Occasionally people see what I call waking visions. These often have a dream-like quality, but seem quite solid and real. When intuition is active, you may have sudden insights or answers to questions that you have been unable to resolve.

HOST: Most of us feel we already don't have enough time to do everything we need to do, how can we find time to meditate? Doesn't it take a long time? Do we have to do it every day?

DR. CLEMENT: Yes, meditation is best done every day. You can start with as little as five minutes. We can all find five minutes a day to just sit, or just follow our breathing while in the shower, or focus while we are walking.

The five minutes may eventually expand, or it may not. It doesn't matter. Some days I spend more time, and others less. The focus and attention are more significant than the amount of time spent.

HOST: How can meditation be used for self-discovery? Can it also be a self-help tool?

DR. CLEMENT: Meditation is a good self-help tool. First, it inspires a certain degree of self discipline, you do it every day. It also means that for a few minutes each day, you are doing something by yourself, for yourself. Even if you do meditation with a group, it is essentially a solitary activity, and it is for yourself.

The self-help or exploration occurs naturally. You become oh, so familiar with your discursive thoughts! You begin to see how yur mind really works when you are not paying attention, and you may find that your general habits change somewhat as a result.

I found that meditation was a good way to pay attention to my intuition. by paying attention, you honor that capacity in yourself, and you find that intuition then comes more easily. The same is true of any skill -- if you pay attention, you develop greater skill, and mediation helps.

HOST: Can meditation really 'enlighten' me in the Nirvana sense? Is that something a beginner should even try to think about?

DR. CLEMENT: Hmmm … Enlightenment is both elusive and subjective. One day I feel somewhat enlightened and self-realized. Another day I feel so ordinary!

The Buddha himself meditated until he realized the true nature of existence. While he was an extraordinary person, he was human. We all can come closer to self-realization if we are seeking to do so, and meditation is a component of my path, certainly.

Some teachers say that it only takes a moment to become enlightened. My sense is that there is a catch, you have to be aware when that moment comes. Hence the practice of meditation to help you develop awareness and clarity of mind.

HOST: There are several kinds of meditation, how do we know which is right for us individually? They all seem so different.

DR. CLEMENT: I recommend trying different styles of meditation to see what feels right for you. If you are limber as a noodle, then yoga will be fun. If not, you can try something that provides structure without also causing too much pain.

If you can't walk, then sit. If you can't sit easily, then walk. Even reclining or lying flat works, although I find that I go to sleep if I lie down.

HOST: Is meditation like dreaming?

I don't find meditation to be like dreaming. I do occasionally see images that resemble dream images in the fact that they are not material. Meditation is a conscious, waking activity, and dreams occur during sleep, which is defined as a less conscious state.

The kind of intuitive insight that I sometimes experience is also not like a dream, although I sometimes wake up with a similar Aha! experience. This suggests that intuition does arise through dreams.

HOST: Can meditation improve our health? If so, how?

DR. CLEMENT: Meditation can improve your health. You will notice that your breath deepens and lung capacity may increase, or at least you experience fuller lung capacity. Many of us use only the top portion of our lungs, and meditation on the breath helps to expand the use to the lower lungs. I imagine breathing all the way into my belly, particularly in specific yoga asanas.

The capacity to relax become a natural outcome of meditation. Then in extremely tense situation, you can do what you do when meditating and cause relaxation to occur. You have trained yourself to relax, your body remembers, and cam relax more or less on demand. I have heard and said, "Take a deep breath," so many times that now it automatically results in a relaxation of the diaphragm, and a more general relaxation as well.

I have already mentioned slowing the pulse, lowering blood pressure, and hinted at the relaxation of tense muscles. Meditation allows a few minutes each day for the body to do what it is supposed to do naturally, instead of what we push it to do. That is healthy.

HOST: Tell us, more specifically, how your book, "Meditation for Beginners" can serve as a practical guide for all of this.

DR. CLEMENT: "Meditation for Beginners" was written for people who have never tried any systematic meditation, or who don't know what will work for them. There are numerous exercises throughout the book to help the reader try out different techniques, and to get a glimpse of what meditation can be like.

Meditation for Beginners

Many people can't go to a meditation center for lessons, and this book provides suggestions that are safe, relatively easy, and require almost no equipment except comfortable clothing. My granddaughter showed us, when she was only five, that her body knows exactly how to sit properly and meditate. My grandmother, when she was quite elderly, spent time very day (in quiet thought, she would have said).

We can all do this, and if fact we all do meditate. We just don't call the activity meditation. Orderly daily meditation is a valuable practice that makes life, for me, more peaceful.

Maxamizing Energy Efficiency and Savings with ENERGY STAR

May 3, 2021
Maxamizing Energy Efficiency and Savings with ENERGY STAR

By saving electrical energy, you can reduce the electricity bills for your home and office. There are some companies which are expert in this and they are producing products which can help you to reduce your everyday electricity bills. Energy Star is one of them. Exploring how ENERGY STAR appliances and a complete home care system upgrade can improve home comfort, help the environment, and provide energy savings.

The Positive Benefits of a Home Comfort System Upgrade

Nearly 100,000 families have improved their homes through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is an all-inclusive method to improve energy efficiency and home comfort, while also helping to protect the planet. There are several benefits in upgrading your home comfort system.

The Positive Benefits of a Home Comfort System Upgrade

This upgrade can help provide more stable and even temperatures throughout the home, maximize air quality for family members with asthma or allergies, and helps aid in the prevention of mold build up. But these are just a few of the benefits of upgrading your home comfort system via Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. These days, human beings consume and waste a lot of energy and natural resources. With carbon footprints as heavy as some, everyone should be doing everything they can to help preserve our planet and its resources. Upgrading your home through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR allows you and your entire family to do just that.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency and Savings

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program maximizes energy savings by providing a comprehensive service that seals any faulty ductwork; sealing all air leaks including electrical outlets, windows, doors, and chimneys; add any needed insulation; upgrade all lighting/electrical fixtures with energy efficient ENERGY STAR fixtures and bulbs; and upgrade all heating and cooling appliances to energy efficient ENERGY STAR appliances. Together, this all-inclusive system could save you money each month in energy costs.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency and Savings

This total system replacement is optimum for the residents of areas with harsh weather conditions. For residents from a place such as Spartanburg, SC, in the summer, an efficient home comfort system can mean a world of different in both comfort and costs. A constant draft of hot air coming in through leaky windows can cause the temperature within the entire home to rise, or to become resilient to lowering. This makes the air conditioning unit work harder and more often, resulting in a spike in the costs of energy for that month.

Whether for home comfort, saving the world, or energy savings the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is a must have for every family in America.

RaceView: A New Way to Watch NASCAR

May 1, 2021
A New Way to Watch NASCAR

One of the widespread grievances regarding NASCAR telecasts is that certain drivers receive too much attention in comparison to other drivers. It is true; Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jeff Gordon, and Tony Stewart are the primary focus in many NASCAR broadcasts, but they are the three most recognizable faces in the sport. Jimmie Johnson seldom runs anywhere but the top five or top ten, so he will receive a lot of attention from the broadcasters as well. It is the fans of the remaining 38 drivers that feel inclined to gripe about NASCAR telecasts.

There are Dave Blaney and Sterling Marlin fans out there. The reality is that there are not enough of them out there to warrant the coverage parallel to Earnhardt Jr or Gordon. Unless they happen to run near the front, you may never hear their name mentioned for the entire race.


So what is the solution for these fans? Several years ago, you would simply have to deal with your favorite driver's lack of coverage, but now fans have discovered Raceview on It is a 3-dimensional way to follow any driver of your choosing. The program allows three different views of the car, and it is somewhat accurate to the actual racing on the track.

Of course, Raceview has its flaws. Firstly, it looks similar to a NASCAR video game from the 1990's. At times, the cars behavior is unrealistic, and sometimes the appearance of the cars is somewhat distorted. A couple of weeks ago, I was following various drivers, and I noticed that Ken Schrader's car was driving backwards. It was comical yet irksome all at the same time, see more.

Additionally, it can take a few minutes for the program to get up and running.

Raceview is far from seamless; however, if you want to follow a certain driver other than Earnhardt Jr, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, or Jimmie Johnson, you should give it a shot. The scanner has also become an advantageous tool for the hardcore fans, as it gives them the option to choose a driver and eavesdrop on their in-car audio.

Take a brief look at the evolution of NASCAR telecasts

Back in the 1960's and 1970's, the best view of a NASCAR, or Grand National race was actually attending the race. Of course, it was not feasible for everyone to attend one of these events. Finally, in 1979, CBS broadcasted the Daytona 500. It was the first nationally televised NASCAR race, and boy was it a memorable one.

Throughout the 1980's, more and more NASCAR races were being broadcasted on ESPN and other various television channels. Because there was no leaderboard ticker displayed across the top of the screen, the commentators were more informative as far as the positions of different drivers.

In the mid-1990's, most of NASCAR telecasts began to display a leaderboard ticker. When FOX and NBC raided that NASCAR broadcast booth in 2001, they implemented several little gimmicks such as the FOXTracks.

Presently, many fans with the luxury of owning a laptop have these additional tools to add to their NASCAR viewing experience.

If only my grandfather, an avid David Pearson fan, had these luxuries forty years ago. It is safe to say that the modern NASCAR fan is spoiled, which is why they may nitpick at certain discrepancies with the current broadcasts.

Nokia 5300 Xpress Music Cell Phone: How to Use the Radio Feature

April 28, 2021
How to Use the Radio Feature

If you are reading this article chances are you are the proud owner of a Nokia 5300 Xpress Music phone. Nice to meet you, and by this point I'm sure you're enjoying the phone as much as I do. I've had mine for almost 2 years and I will be happy to explain the ins and outs of the phone and how to get the most usage out of it. I will also explain the extra equipment you may need to get in order to get certain features to work.

Hopefully this will help others who, like me, were confused when they first started playing with the phone. Following this may help you figure the phone out faster then I did.

Starting the Radio -

Radio Feature

To start the Radio, select menu > media > radio

The Radio is one of the coolest features with the Xpress phone. I love it and it gets crystal clear reception when I use it on certain radio stations. The Radio requires a customized 5300 ear bud head set to even open this feature up in the media menu. Once you have opened it you can use the speaker phone to listen to the radio without putting the buds in your ears.

My service is through t-Mobile and they charge $21.99 for a pair plus $5.99 shipping. If you plan to have the phone for a long time or don't mind the investment you can go that route or do the simple Google and eBay search for a new and inexpensive pair. I purchased mine for $10 on eBay.

The ear buds have an antenna in them already to pick up the radio station signals. The phone itself does not have an antenna.

Changing the Station -

To start a search for a radio station on your phone simply hold down the forward or rewind keys to go in either direction while searching for a clear station. Once a clear, static free station is found the phone will stop searching, you can find out more.

Saving Radio Stations -

You will have 9 positions you can put radio stations into, much like you do with your car or home radio. To save a station slide open the phone and press and hold a number 1 - 9 until you see the word Saved. You can also enter the name of the station if you want. Press OK to complete the customization.

Listening to the Radio -

To listen to the radio using the loud speaker, select options > loudspeaker

After you have picked your stations and customized them you get to actually enjoy listening to them. Whether you choose to listen with the ear buds or on the loud speaker just use the up and down feature in the center of the phone to browse the channels you saved.
You also have the option of deleting stations or moving another station into a slot that was being used previously.

Tip -

Using the Radio feature will drain your battery pretty quickly. When I use the radio at work I usually keep the charger with me so I can keep it plugged in all day.

You can also continue to make and receive phone calls while the radio is playing. When you make a call out or a call comes in the volume on the radio will automatically be muted. When the call is over the volume will return automatically.

One thing I want to point out first and foremost for any new owners out there, buy a soft protection case for your phone as soon as you get it. I can not tell you how many scratches I ended up with on my previous 5300 just from putting it in my pocket or purse. The phone comes with a plastic screen protector on it that you can peel off when you get it, I recommend not taking it off. I am currently on my third phone (the last two were sadly stepped on by other people) and it is worth the investment to get extra screen protectors. A quick search on Google or eBay for 5300 screen protectors will bring back many inexpensive results.

Garage Door Maintenance

April 17, 2021
Garage Door Maintenance

A garage door is designed to operate year round through freezing conditions, hot temperature, and constant abuse. However, to keep your garage door operating properly will require periodic maintenance.

Maintenance of a garage door is simple and should be done at least twice yearly. By properly maintaining your garage door, you will be assured that it will operate smoothly, operate quietly, and operate as intended.

There are numerous moving parts on both the garage door assembly and the automatic garage door opener that require maintenance. The maintenance required is generally no more than cleaning and lubricating moving parts, though some garage door openers may require additional adjustments, find more info.

Maintaining your garage door and opener system will make it last longer and provide better operation. A garage door is costly, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars; the garage door opener can range in price from $100 to over $300. The garage door and opener combined are a large investment. Therefore, proper maintenance is critical to protect your investment.

To begin the process of maintaining your garage door and opener assembly you will have to purchase a few products. You will need a soft brush to clean debris off of the rollers on the garage door, you will need a solvent similar to WD-40 to remove old grease from the rollers and pins as well as the overhead track system, and you will need a quality lubricant to relube the moving parts of the garage door and opener assembly. I recommend a white lithium spray lubricant because it lasts a long time and performs well under freezing conditions.

Now that you have gathered everything that is needed, you can begin the process of maintaining your garage door and opener assembly. To begin, locate the rollers on the garage door. These rollers attach to the garage door and insert into the track on the edge of the garage door. Inspect the roller for damage. If any are broken, you will need to replace them. If they are not broken, you will need to clean and lubricate them.

Begin by spraying a solvent on them, WD-40 works well for this. The solvent will break down the old lubricate and allow you to easily remove any grime. Once you have sprayed the solvent on the rollers and pins, wipe down the area with a rag and allow it to dry. Once dry, take your brush and remove any other dirt that you could not reach with the rag. Once all of the dirt is removed, apply a generous coat of the white lithium spray lube to the area where the roller pin makes contact with the metal hanger bracket. This is easily accomplished by simply spraying the whole area near the roller and bracket. Additional lubricant will not hurt anything.

Next turn your attention to the various hinges located on the garage door. Repeat the procedure above to clean and lubricate the hinges. There are hinges located at the intersection of each garage door panel. Clean and lubricate each hinge.

Now we will move on to the garage door opener assembly. Our focus here is to clean the track mechanism that the garage door opener slides on. Over time, this track will accumulate dirt on the outside surface of it which can hamper the garage door from opening smoothly. To clean the track, spray the outside surface of it with WD-40 and wipe it down with a rag. This will remove dirt and grime and allow the garage door to open smoothly.

Certain types of garage door openers will require lubrication, but many are self lubricating. Refer to your owner's manual to determine if you have to lubricate the actual garage door opener within your own garage.

Maintenance is now complete and you will be able to enjoy many months of smooth operation from your garage door opener and your garage door. Repeat the above process every six months or as needed and you will have a properly working garage door for years to come.

American Muscle Car Features: 2009 Chevy Camaro

April 16, 2021
American Muscle Car Features

The new breed of muscle cars has been born. In the automotive industry where many cars are in rage, competing, battling as to which the best car is, the 2009 Chevy Camaro has bees accepted. There were a lot of prejudgments and doubts against this release, yet it managed to bring its name to the top.

Chevrolet had tough and rough times way back 2002, where they decided to take Camaro out from their production. Car enthusiasts were devastated and the sales of Chevrolet even went down on the later years. The people's sought of hope was paid off just this 2009 where General Motors and Chevrolet released the new well defined, high powered Camaro. The many Americans were proud to see their brand back in the streets.

This new Camaro was patterned from the Classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. The proposed retro style which was realized worked perfectly great. Although this modern muscle machine is much wider and lengthier like 186.2 inches than the older models no worries because it still brings the house down. It also features a rag top and hard top convertibles which still suits its built.

Car Features

This is a standard real wheel drive car with a very strong 6.0-liter V-8 engine producing 400horsepower with 6-speed. Drivers are also given options to choose from a V-6 engine, having possibly a 3.9-liter with about 250 horsepower. If your Camaro is just for city driving and you would also want to save money, this would be a great deal for you. Every customer is also given a choice whether standard manual or the automatic transmission, either which would be good and suits the car as well. It also comes with a 21 - inch aluminum front wheels and a 22 - inch aluminum wheels on the rear. Adding up everything would make a fully grown, well developed modern muscle car.

Prior to the release, there were rumors regarding changes on the specifications. People were buzzing around that the front wheels would go from 21" to 20" or the end wheels of 22" will become 20". Whether this is true or not, these changes are plainly minimal you could hardly even notice.

Chevrolet really thought of this production, targeting every driver's desires and dreams regarding muscle cars. They really showed extreme effort in their come back, being able to develop the power of the horsepower, the transmission, balance or its handling; everything seems to be almost perfect. What more could you ask for?

Pace Wear Shirt ( Long Sleeve, Button-Down ) Review

April 16, 2021
Pace Wear Shirt

I like to wear my best when formally going before the Sovereign of the Universe for sacred service. When it comes to the shirts I wear, that's always meant button-up shirts that retailed for at least $20, and more. That's not comparatively much money, even when including my priciest button-up shirts, when it comes to how much more money button-up shirts can cost. It's the style itself, at least in western society, that says it's the best, more than its cost, know more.

However, recently at a little independently owned shop, where I'm sure the owner ekes out a living for his family, I found and purchased a Pace Wear long sleeve button-down shirt. I only bought one packaged shirt so that I could give it a try, and if I didn't like it I could return it. Besides, I thought, "this Pace Wear shirt only costs $'s worth a try."

You Don't Always Get What You Pay For

You Don't Always Get What You Pay For

Paying only $4.99 for a long sleeve, button-up shirt, of course, made me skeptical about its quality. As a general rule of thumb, the better something is the more you pay for it. You've heard the saying, "You don't always get what you paid for." Such is said when you pay good money for something but whatever it is you bought turns out to be less valuable than what you paid for it. In this instance, the reverse turned out to be true; how much more I got for what I paid! Am I glad I gave Pace Wear long sleeve button-down shirts a try! Even more so, I'm glad it worked out that I was able to give the little guy the business.

Pace Wear Long Sleeve Button-up Shirt Feel, Fit & Fabric

This Pace Wear ( established 1983 ) long sleeve button-down shirt is very lightweight. Perfect for wearing in the summertime, when you want to wear a long sleeve button-down shirt despite summer heat. None of my other long sleeve button-down shirts are half as light as this Pace Wear shirt, not only by weight but how it wears too.

The fabric of the shirt is a high count cotton blend, 65% polyester, 35% cotton, broadcloth. Of course, it didn't feel and fit over my body like a silk shirt does, nor was it an athletic cut, my preferred cut, but a regular cut. Still, the fabric, feel and fit are more than plenty good for this Pace Wear long sleeve shirt.

And thus far, it really is wrinkle resistant, like it says it is, unlike other shirts that claim to be permanent press or wrinkle resistant, only to start wrinkling after its first wear and wash. I even had to ask my wife if she actually washed the shirt, since it still looked so new and unworn, because I was so impressed with how well the shirt kept its original shape.

Pace Wear Long Sleeve Button-up Shirt Tailoring

The tailoring of these Pace Wear long sleeve button-up shirts are well done too. Certainly far above what I was expecting from a $4.99 shirt. I say, "...these Pace Wear...shirts," because I've since bought more of them.

Pace Wear uses a top fused collar with permanent collar stay, which works well. No metal or plastic points are necessary, which is a real plus. The tailoring throughout is single needle tailoring and the overlaps are minimal, making for a lightweight, comfortable and smooth fit.

Pace Wear uses a deep sleeve button through placket on its long sleeves. Using such makes it easier to move your arms around without hindrance from the long sleeves. I found Pace Wear sleeve plackets are shorter than the sleeve plackets on my other long sleeve shirts. Still, they do what they're supposed to do and the shirt's light weight more than makes up for any near imperceptible less freedom of movement incurred by the shorter lengths employed. I like when shirt makers use two button-throughs on the sleeve placket, although its rare to find. Pace Wear unfortunately doesn't use two buttons either.

Two buttons are used to adjust the cuffs though, and that's a plus. I like shirts that give me the option between a looser or tighter cuff fit. The cuffs surprisingly are stiffer than the lightness of the shirt, yet not too stiff by any means.

Pace Wear employs a back yoke that isn't too deep, certainly not as deep as many of my other shirts, nor as deep as Pace Wear would have you believe, when on the packaging it says, "Deep Back Yoke." Though, it does have a box pleat on the back, which allows for more expansion of your back and freedom of movement throughout the back of the shirt than if there wasn't a box pleat. The bottom also is long tail, making it easier to tuck the shirt into pants.

Pace Wear Long Sleeve Button-up Shirt Conclusion

You've gathered by now I'm quite happy with Pace Wear long sleeve button-up shirts. What I've paid for them is comparatively far less than what they're worth. Shirts that cost at least four times as much lack some of what a Pace Wear shirt has. Although I had to cut away a couple of pieces of extra threading here and there, overall the pattern for construction for the shirt and the follow through of it is aright, or well done. I certainly recommend Pace Wear long sleeve button-down shirts, especially if you want to wear a long sleeve dress shirt in the summertime.

Dental Care Products

April 15, 2021
Dental Care Products

The most important dental care products you should have in your medicine cabinet are a good toothbrush, floss, and a bacteria-eliminating rinse. There are many brands of all of these things available on the market. You may prefer one brand to another, but there are certain features you should look for in all of them.

Dental Products Everyone Should Have

Dental Products Everyone Should Have

A good toothbrush should have soft to medium bristles. Brushing with a hard bristled brush can lead to gum recession and damaging of tooth enamel. You should also choose a brush with a small enough head to fit into hard to reach areas of the mouth. It is also a good idea to learn proper brushing technique. You should always be brushing in a circular fashion, and be careful not to brush too hard.

Floss is also an essential dental product that everyone should have. While there are as many different varieties of floss as there are toothbrushes, which variety you choose is less important. All floss is designed to get in between teeth. Whether the floss is waxed, thin, or minted is a matter of personal preference. As long as the floss is able to fit between your teeth, it will work, read more from here.

Finally, it is important to have a mouthwash or other dental product that is capable of eliminating bacteria from the mouth that is not removed by brushing and flossing. Brushing and flossing cannot get every piece of bacteria, so using an antiseptic mouthwash or natural essential oil remedy is an important step. Try out a few, and see which one works best for you.

Those who don’t like conventional dental care products, can try the herbal dental health remedies.

Herbal remedies have been used for centuries in many cultures, and they are still used today by many cultures. It seems there are herbal remedies to treat all varieties of ailments be they medical, psychological, or dental. Herbal remedies are part of a holistic medicine that values the benefits of natural solutions to natural problems.

Many practitioners of holistic medicine advocate natural remedies because they believe that introducing chemicals and other synthetic materials into the body can cause more problems. They believe that you may be treating one disease and causing another. Using natural products are believed to be a more natural way of curing illness and treating chronic conditions because they work with your body.