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How to Keep Your Dog from Eating You Out of House and Home

June 5, 2021
How to Keep Your Dog from Eating You Out of House and Home

Cheaper and Healthier, a No-Brainer

For this article, I will outline a few very simple calulations that show how much money making your own natural ground chuck treats costing $1.99/lb at home will save you versus store-bought Value Size Snausages In a Blanket for $3.50 per 12 oz. bag.

How many times a day do you reward your dog with treats for good behavior? Let's say you spend ten minutes with your dog in the evening, getting him to sit, speak, roll over, and whatever other amazing tricks you've taught your dog to perform. You do this five times and he gets five treats. Have you ever thought about the costs of teaching him those tricks, the monetary one as well as a lifetime of filling your dog's tummy with preservatives and by-products?

The five treats a day comes out to costing $109 a year if you buy a 12 oz. value pack of Snausages In a Blanket. Now let's say you pick up a pound of ground chuck at the grocery store, take it home, cook the meat in 5 minutes in a pan, and stick half in the fridge and half in the freezer for later. That's only $49.52 a year plus a whopping two whole hours a year cooking up some beef. Plus, if you're feeding a puppy up to ten months of age, you can save the grease and heat up a dab to sprinkle over his daily meal. The grease will help strengthen his coat and skin, clearing up any dry skin or dull hair he may have. Older dogs can have grease, too, but in much smaller ammounts due to a decrease in metabolism, check more helpful hints.

Dog from Eating

Now, when it's treat time, see how your dog reacts to real meat morsels. I know that our Lab spazzes whenever we give him anything that goes in his mouth, but if your dog has been accustomed to store-bought treats, sadly he may initially refuse the healthier snack in favor of the addictive flavor of his favorite bagged snack. Don't give in, he'll eventually realize that's what he's gonna get and his taste buds will once again change to savor the taste of his hard-earned treats.

Maybe a difference of $59.48 for dog treats doesn't mean much to you, but consider this: if your dog lives to be 15 years old, you will save $892.20 in treats alone! $892.20 can get something really awesome for your pet, a top-notch obedience class, a luxury outdoor dog house, or that money could even be put into getting man's best friend another friend with whom to share his time. Not to mention how much you'll save on vet bills due to complications of a less-than-perfect diet.

So you don't care about saving money, but you do care about the health of your pet and you want him to live the fullest, longest life he can. Given the recent dog food scare, I'd say many of you are aware of what kinds of things go into what our pets eat. Put it this way, would you feed your children processed hot dogs every day when giving them tasty, balanced nutrition costs less?

Hints for Choosing the Most Suitable Rental Car at Dublin Airport

June 3, 2021
Hints for Choosing the Most Suitable Rental Car at Dublin Airport

Visiting Ireland is definitely an experience of a lifetime. The national tourist slogan, Céad Míle Fáilte, fulfils its promise of a "hundred thousand welcomes". Many visitors focus only on Dublin, but if you want to experience the real Ireland you need to discover the famously green Irish countryside. It is the place of quiet beauty and rural charm.

To explore the unspoilt beauty of hidden, ancient villages you need a vehicle. To reach these places by public transport is extremely difficult. Renting a car is great because it gives you the freedom and independence to come and go. You are not tied to strict times and that means you can start and finish your day whenever you please, this source.

You can look and book cars online before you arrive and at Dublin Airport the only thing you have to do is to pick up your car. Sometimes people get very confused to determine the type of vehicle they need for their trip. It is not easy to choose the most suitable car.

You need to consider how many people you are travelling with. Most car rental companies separate their fleet into categories or groups. These include Mini, Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard, Full-size, Luxury, Premium, Minivan, 12 passenger van, Exotic.

You want to save money on car rental and petrol, reserve the smallest available model. It is perfect for two people and it's easy to park and drive in bigger cities.

People in the backseat want to enjoy the view too, choose a car from the Intermediate or Standard category.

If you are travelling with your family or you have a lot of luggage, you may want a car with larger boot for your bags. If you have four or more children, you may need a 7-seater family car. If you are a golfer, you need extra space for your golf equipment.

Travelling with a smaller group of people, why not rent a 9-seater passenger van with 9 full seats. You are not familiar with driving passenger van, rent two smaller models.

You can also request optional extras for additional charge, like automatic vehicle. Child seat is also available on request for an extra charge. It is usually around 20 euros per child seat.

You have difficulties to drive a stick shift or never drove right hand drive car before, book a car with automatic transmission. It is also possible to rent cars with GPS navigation or SatNav. It's easy to use and helps you to get around in Ireland.

There is a lot of information on Dublin Airport car rental on the internet. Many car rental websites compare all the top car hire providers to find you the most suitable rental cars. These sites contain description for each category; you may also find a picture of the car. Vehicle description indicates the maximum number of passengers allowed to travel within each vehicle. Baggage and door quantity also appear in the description of the car. It also specifies whether it's an automatic vehicle or a diesel vehicle, whether it has GPS or air conditioning.

car rental on the internet

Consider these tips for finding the right type of vehicle before booking. Choosing the right size and type of vehicle would help you to enjoy your holiday to the full. So you don't have to worry about oversized luggage and undersized boot.

Have a pleasant driving holiday on the Emerald Isle!


May 30, 2021

WhatsApp. If you have been spending a lot on your text messages, it is time to put a hold on your expenses. Today, there are various apps that offer free unlimited messaging over various operating systems on a global scale. One of the apps that is worth trying out is WhatsApp.

An introduction to WhatsApp

For those who are not familiar of WhatsApp, it is best described as an instant messaging platform similar to SMS. WhatsApp is capable of running smoothly either on Wi-Fi or 3G and supports various operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones.

An introduction to WhatsApp

WhatsApp not only provides users with features that are offered in other text messaging apps but also have its own exclusive features that make it the preferred choice of many users. You have the option to share your whereabouts using Google Maps, change the background in one of your conversations, insert emoticons and also attach videos, images, contact to a message and audio clips.

Just like other similar apps such as BlackBerry Messenger or iMessage by Apple, WhatsApp readily notifies you when a message is received. The benefit with this is that recipients of your messages can no longer put up any excuse such as receiving your messages late. There is even a feature that allows you to start a group chat with up to ten people along with a suitable title for the conversation. You have the option to leave the group anytime you want.

The only feature that is lacking in WhatsApp is that you cannot add text to the photo messages that you want to send. At present time, you have to send a photo and then send a separate message and vice versa. It can be very confusing for the recipients to receive photos without any message on what it is about, Visit https://biva.digital/gbwhatsapp/whatsapp-gb-pro/ for fruitful information right now..

Using WhatsApp

Every WhatsApp account is linked to a phone number. Once you open the app for the first time, WhatsApp will automatically scan the available phone numbers in your address book and obtains the number of your contacts using WhatsApp. It allows you to start messaging your contacts right away.  You might be surprised to discover that many of your contacts already have the app installed on their smartphones.

In case you cannot find your friends in Whatsapp, you still have the option to send them an invitation within the app. There is even an additional feature that adds new friends automatically once they start using WhatsApp. Do not forget that this app entails read/write permissions to your contact details and will perform a scan once you add a new contact number.

Security issues of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is typically based on an open source chat protocol – XMPP. It is similar to the one utilized by BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage by Apple which were targeted by hackers. Luckily, the latest version of WhatsApp encrypts all your messages so that if the data is hijacked during transmission, it cannot be read.


WhatsApp is definitely a useful app if you want to get in touch with your family and friends from all over the world. Just make sure that they also have the app installed on their smartphones. You will surely enjoy free unlimited messaging with a seamless interface.

Improving Software Manufacturing Process

May 29, 2021
Improving Software Manufacturing Process

Process improvement methodology was originally created to quantify and then reduce key factors in manufacturing projects. Process improvement efforts might focus on cycle time, machine uptime, defect rate or waste. When faced with software implementation or upgrade or improvement projects, many of these same values apply. We want to reduce how long it takes to complete a transaction or process, be it data entry or backing up the server. We want to improve server uptime and reduce the kinds of errors humans can make. We want to eliminate wasteful processes and wasted time.

Where software project times are different from manufacturing projects is in that their cost is overwhelmingly human time. One may have to buy a server or network components, but it is the human labor cost that is the largest part of any software project budget. Licensing for software may be a secondary cost, but license management becomes a drain on human talent as well. When a manufacturing process is manual, the benefit for the user is familiarity. However, it is wasteful.

Software Manufacturing

Thus the manufacturing management software comes in. The data collection becomes valuable to management, payroll and quality. Tracking labor per unit, defects per part or assembly, giving users instructions on the computer instead of tracking paper copies and otherwise giving instant access to data initially creates productivity improvements. However, how work is done changes with the addition of manufacturing control software, requiring changes to the labor standards and how process improvement projects can be done, view source.

When creating labor standards for environments that include manufacturing software, this is how you can get the greatest return on the time spent on process improvement projects: 1. Focusing on software installation and upgrade time, since software outages can shut down production 2. Mistake proofing data entry by users. Data correction is time consuming and labor intensive. Prevent the data entry errors by restricting data formats for the fields, and you'll improve user data input cycle time. And it will reduce the time spent troubleshooting illegal characters. 3.

Inventory modeling is based on the system you have for managing inventory. I haven't worked with this much outside manpower estimations and human cycle time. Just remember that the way people say they handle inventory and their actual process can be very different. Base your model on how stock is actually handled and inefficiencies observed - not how people say it is done. And inefficiencies found in actual observation can be fixed rather quickly, bringing more rapid improvement than rearranging an entire facility based on a theoretical model. 4.

Software only helps

Product costing is usually based on labor and machine time with facility costs and waste averaged in. Software only helps in this area if it reduces one of those three factors. Options include: A. Reducing wasted time and material through automated inspection (reduced cycle time) B. defect logging that is easily reviewed by engineering staff (to find causes of waste early and thus reduce it) C. material management systems that prevent ordering when there is already enough stock on hand can help in this area (less material waste).

NBA Finals Live Stream: 2021 Predictions

May 27, 2021
NBA Finals Live Stream

Basketball is an unpredictable game, and anything can happen within minutes. Therefore, anyone can come out victorious. The NBA Finals live stream will be starting from the 8th of July, 2021, and continue until we find a Champion.

Do you have any guesses who will reach the top of the mountain as the winner? This article will discuss who has the most possibilities of winning the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy.

5 Predictions for NBA Finals 2021

5 Predictions for NBA Finals 2021

To be honest, anyone can win the Finals. It's hard to tell when you don't even know who is in the final. But we'll try our best to guess the top 5 teams who have a better chance of winning than others.

[Note: These predictions are based on the team's previous performance only. We highly discourage making any betting decision following the list]

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are the defending Champion. Last year they had an amazing battle of basketball against the Miami Heat. The Lakers won the exciting finals.

Our guess is, this year they have a great chance of winning again. Previously they have won consecutive finals several times. Though they had to go through play-in to qualify for the play-off, still the Lakers are a deserving team to win the title.

Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz Finished the regular season with a record-breaking 52-20 winning record. They're going through an amazing time in the NBA. Utah Jazz's 52 wins are the highest in the NBA season 2020-21.

Due to their amazing run, experts believe, this year, once again, a Western Conference team can be victorious. However, anything can happen during the games. Watch the NBA Finals live stream to find out if they actually win the trophy.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers have the best performance in the Eastern Conference. This year some great players are leading the team. As a result, they continuously impress viewers.

After such amazing performances, the Philadelphia 76ers make themselves one of the top candidates to win this year.

Brooklyn Nets

Though Brooklyn Nets finished second in the Eastern Conference, many believe they have a huge chance of winning. Their recent performance has been outstanding. If they continue to play like this, they will surely win the title.

Watch the NBA Finals live stream in July to know if they can make their supporters happy. All we can say is if Brooklyn Nets reach the finals, the opposite team will have a tough time.

Phoenix Suns

Similarly, Phoenix Suns finished second in the Western Conference. Their winning record may not be as good as Utah Jazz's; still it's pretty good. Hence, we guess they have a massive possibility of winning the Championship Trophy.

However, the Phoenix Suns are facing the Lakers in the play-off. Many believe that they may not win this round. If that happens, they will be out of the tournament.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

With so many amazing teams this year, it was really tough to make a list. Anyone can win this year, even a team from outside the list above. So, it's best that you tune in for the NBA Finals live stream.

Oscommerce Open Source Software Review

May 26, 2021
Oscommerce Open Source Software Review

I have always been a dedicated fan of Php based scripts. The ease of editing files (providing you're familiar with the scripting) for modifications and customization is a plus when wanting a "one of a kind" store front from an "out of a box" solution. I have used several catalog cart scripts including Oscommerce, ZenCart, Cubecart, and other various scripts. Depending on what you are looking for as far as features and modifications one of the few mentioned above would probably suit your needs. The following is my own experience and opinions on Oscommerce compared to the various open source scripts I have tried.

I must start with honesty and tell you Oscommerce is my least of favorites. Although you can not expect perfection when you are given use of an open source (free) script. Keeping to the point, free does not mean you've always struck up a bargain. This open source software falls between an "out of the box" candy solution and creating a fully functional script from scratch work.

Oscommerce is my least of favorites

The setup is generally a breeze if you host from a company that utilizes Cpanel and Fantistico. With a few clicks you can have the script fully installed and ready for customization. If you require an installation of the script, it is always possible to find a coder who will install the script for a fee of services. However, if you are daring or somewhat familiar with databases (a structured collection of data), coding, configuration, and installing scripts; you could tempt fate and install the storefront yourself. I can remember 7-years ago what was a 5 day, 21 hour shift, hair-pulling, nail-biting journey that usually resulted in "database connection errors"; is a 10 minute task for me today. It is possible to work with these scripts for an amount of time and self-learn just what makes them tick.

Oscommerce is packed tight with features which can be very overwhelming for a first time user. Or could be very useful to an intermediate user who wants to have readily available features without the hassle of modifying and coding root files.

Oscommerce has come a long way but it's lack of security in the backend store (administration) is a real bummer. By default SSL is no enabled allowing trolls to sniff out the backend and easily enough access trivial financial information. This is a real concern for your customers who are trusting that their information is safe with your store. There are several available modifications now that will provide a tutorial on how to secure your storefront so the worries of trolls fades.

Adding products to the catalog is somewhat similar to a daily chore with a little sweat. Oscommerce does not offer any type of direct import features which can make this bargain storefront require TLC from the owner. "Out of box" will require you do a lot of uploading and re-linking to make products display to your liking and specifications. Again, there are now several user donated modifications to make this task easier, but that goes back to requiring internal root file tweaking before the mod will even work.

The default template requires customization with a bit of code-work within specific template/root files. This can be a really confusing task if someone is completely unfamiliar with the structure of folders and files. It can be even more confusing for an individual who has never seen any type of HTML, Php, or scripting. Even after re-working the "text" portion of the store front, the user is still left with a tacky template that no serious ecommerce business owner would consider using. To get around this you can always hire a freelance designer to customize the template and theme for you. With that option you are going to invest a pretty good sum of money. Another optian would require internet researching to find a theme or template that you like for purchase or free.

As with any open source software program it is possible to locate user contributed add-ons. Add-ons I reference to mean themes, templates, and modifications that may address specific problems or assist in customizing the store front. From first hand experience these can be useful and in worst case scenario - damaging. Most of the modifications, templates, themes and work donated by various users are not warranted by Oscommerce. Therefore, it is up to the developer of the contributed item to offer support. There a small number of developers that offer this support and than there are a large number of developers that don't or offer the support for a fee. Modifying and customizing can be a daring game of roulette, the risk of loosing an entire store is always at bay. (HINT: Always back up before you make any changes to any files.)

ecommerce store front

In conclusion, this software is a solid foundation for a ecommerce store front considering it's price. However, in my very own savvy opinion it's not the most user-friendly solution to work with in comparison to other open source software available. It is packed with overwhelming features that generally require more modifications than just the default set-up. If you are looking for an "out of the box" open source software that is user-friendly - I suggest CubeCart which is a great open-source software that lacks features but is easy enough to customize.

Remove Rust Stains and Water Damage from Pottery and Glass

May 23, 2021
Remove Rust Stains and Water Damage from Pottery and Glass

A lifetime of use often shows on vintage pottery and glass, and rust and hard-water stains are common. Cleaning often increases value for resale if the pottery or glass is not chipped or broken. Cleaning also makes the item more attractive or aesthetically appealing. Knowledge is the key to cleaning stains from vintage pottery and glass.

Selecting Pottery or Glass for Cleaning

Vintage pottery or glass with serious chips, chunks or cracks is not worth the time spent cleaning. Sick glass etched from dishwasher use, or glass that has turned iridescent from years in the ground will not likely clean. Some damaged items have significant value, but the more common vintage pieces are not good candidates for increasing value by cleaning. Family heirlooms or sentimental glass and pottery are exceptions.

Wash with Soapy Water and a Toothbrush First

Wash with Soapy Water and a Toothbrush First

Washing can help distinguish removable dirt from stubborn stains, and the water will also show cracks and glaze breaks in pottery, since the water lines are darker in areas where there are glaze fractures. Wash one item at a time by placing a stopper in the sink and covering the bottom of the sink with a kitchen towel. This prevents the gray metal rubs and any additional cleaning requirements.

Use Common Products to Remove Rust

Lemon juice is recommended by Ohio State University and the National Park Service suggests oxalic acid can be used on metal window preservation projects. These products work on pottery and glass for removing rust stains, and both can be purchased from the grocery store. Read on the cans of cleansing powder to find a product with oxalic acid. Get idea about your bit.

Remove Hard Water Stains from Pottery and Glass

Popular pottery planters were made by American pottery companies to hold an ivy or container plants, and bud vases were made to hold cut flowers. Adding soil or water to a figural planter or bud vase caused calcium and hard-water stains in a continuous line around the inside. These hard water stains can be removed with vinegar, and white vinegar is safe to use full-strength.

Fill the planter or vase with white vinegar to cover the stain, and leave the vinegar in the pottery or glass for about 24 hours. The Environmental Law Centre suggests that vinegar is effective on mineral deposits in pipes, too.

After 24 hours, pour out the cleaning products and wash in tepid soapy water. Check to see if the pottery or glass has stains remaining.


Use an Abrasive if Necessary

Salt is a good abrasive to use with lemon juice, and baking soda or salt will work with vinegar. Oxalic acid contains an abrasive in the powder, so it does not need any addition. Use the abrasive only if there are areas that are still stained after 24 hours soaking in vinegar.

Vintage pottery and glass can be more valuable when the rust and hard-water deposits have been removed, and removal is as close as your kitchen or grocery store. Use lemon juice or oxalic acid for rust on dinnerware, pottery, porcelain, ceramics and glass. A vinegar soak will remove the hard-water stains on pottery planters and glass vases, and salt or baking soda are mild abrasives that can be mixed with lemon juice or vinegar safely.

How to Start a Paintball Team

May 19, 2021
How to Start a Paintball Team

Five tips on how to start your own paintball team for fun or competitive play.

It starts with a few friends. You play together every weekend. You’ve all got some skills, and decent guns. You’ve watched the pro players on ESPN and you think it would be fun to experience the thrill of competition. It all begins with the decision, when you step up and say, “Let’s start a team.”

1. Name Your Team.

Pick a name. It sounds easy, but this is an important step in creating your team’s identity. Ideally, your name will reflect the players’ personalities. It should be catchy, easy to pronounce and easy to remember. You don’t want anything offensive or silly. A good name creates a psychological advantage when you step on the field, so choose something strong.

Name Your Team

You may also want to create a team logo that reflects your team’s unique personality. You can get your logo screenprinted on t-shirts or team jerseys to make it easier to identify your teammates on the field and to let everyone else know you are, in fact, a team.

2. Decide on the Size of Your Team.

This might be easy. If you have several friends you play with regularly, your team is set. If not, look at tournaments in your area. Are they three-man, five-man or seven-man? If you want to compete in the SPPL scenario tournament series, a 10-man format, you’ll want at least 12 players. It’s always nice to recruit one or two more players than you need, so you have an alternate.

If you're just playing to have fun, recruit as few or as many players as you want. Remember, if you wind up with 10 or 15 players for five-man paintball, you can field two squads to give everyone a chance to compete. But also count on some players not being able to make every game.

3. Recruit Players, If Necessary

Scout players at your local field, looking for other people who have some talent, but, more importantly, are fun to be around. Skills can be taught; personality conflicts can destroy a team.

You can also ask the owner of your local paintball store if you can post a flyer in the store where other players will see it. Paintball forums allow you to post threads seeking players, too. Remember to list your geographical region in the subject line of the thread.

4. Establish a “Look”

Even if all you can afford are discounted jerseys or even long t-shirts, a “uniform” look will set you apart as players who are serious.

5. Get Out and Play

Get Out and Play

How serious are you? If you decide you want to compete on a tournament circuit, you’ll want to hold team practices to hone your skills. If you just want to have fun every week with the same group of guys playing rec-ball, that’s okay, too. The important thing, once you have your paintball team established, is to go out and play together.

Over-the-ear Headphone Review: Hesh by Skullcandy (SC-BEHSH07)

May 17, 2021
Over-the-ear Headphone Review

For the entire time I have had a portable music device, I have had ear bud style headphones. The old style of them was too hard and didn't fit in my left ear properly, so they constantly fell out. The newer squishy ones that go in your ear canal are comfortable, but still are too small for my left ear to hold onto properly (it is apparently a gaping cavern of an ear).

Finally, I came to a point in my big city, public transportation lifestyle where being comfortable while listening to music was more important than having trendy ear buds. I did some shopping around, and settled on an over-the-head style pair of studio headphones by Skullcandy.

Hesh by Skullcandy

The first day I wore them I was very self-conscious because they kind of make me feel like an anime character (look up the cover of a game called "Jet Grid Radio" and you'll see what I mean). After about two days I was over any self-consciousness, because I could finally hear my music the way it was meant to be heard, and not have painful ear buds popping out of my ears while I was jamming'. Bottom line: the Hesh (model SC-BHESH07) by Skullcandy are the best headphones I've ever used, find more about this.

Product Features

Over-the-ear design helps tune out background noise

50mm drivers with neodymium-iron-boron magnets

Comfortable ear cushions are made of high-grade PU and foam

In-line volume control lets you make quick adjustments

Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz

Sensitivity: 100dB

Impedance: 16 ohms

Includes carry case

Comfort: 9/10

The only reason I couldn't bring myself to give a full 5 is that when worn for long periods of time, these headphones do make my ears very hot due to the fact they enclose my entire ear. There is generous padding on both the ear pieces and the headband that make these a dream to wear.

Sound Quality: 10/10

Sound Quality

The design of the Hesh (SC-BHESH07) makes them naturally noise-cancelling. The speakers produce both bass and treble easily. The volume control in the cord is great when you need to listen to something besides your music and don't want to dig your player out of your pocket. Also, the volume actually increases higher than the normal output of my music player when at maximum.

Value: 10/10

Even though $50 is about 5 times what I would normally want to spend on a pair of headphones, I really feel like I got what I paid for here.

Overall: 9.7/10

Generations of NASCAR Race Cars

May 16, 2021
Generations of NASCAR Race Cars

Generation 1

The era of NASCAR's first generation race car began in 1948, the Strictly Stock era, and came to an end following the 1966 season. While this generation may be the most storied due to the fact it was the original, it certainly lacked in technology and safety.

Throughout NASCAR's beginning phases, drivers and teams raced Oldsmobiles, Hudsons, and Plymouths that were fresh off the showroom floor. Of course, the savvy mechanics would tinker to find any competitive advantage.

NASCAR's first generation produced some heroes such as Lee Petty, Buck Baker, Ned Jarrett, and Junior Johnson, but there were several tragic deaths, most notably Glenn 'Fireball' Roberts and Joe Weatherly.

NASCAR Race Cars

Generation 2

NASCAR's second generation racecar highlighted what many consider the sport's golden years. From 1967 to 1980, drivers and teams sported the big block cars such as the Dodge Charger and Mercury Cougar. The cars you watched at the speedways on Sunday appeared the same as the cars you drive or see on the freeway, sans the numbers and decals. In fact, the framework on the racecars was identical to that of the cars sitting on the showroom floor at the dealership.

The cars were larger, and much safer than the first generation.

Legends such as Richard Petty, David Pearson, Bobby Allison, and Cale Yarborough thrived during this era.

Generation 3

Prior to the 1981 season, NASCAR decided to downsize the stock cars without straying too far from the cars you see on the road. The was due in large part to the fact that dealerships were selling the smaller compact cars as opposed to the big blocks vehicles that dominated the 1970's. This era produced some memorable models, such as the boxy Buick Regals and Chevrolet Monte Carlos to the aerodynamically superior Ford Thunderbirds.

Dale Earnhardt, Darrell Waltrip, and Bill Elliott rose to prominence during NASCAR's generation 3 era, which lasted until the end of the 1991 season.

Generation 4

Beginning in 1992, NASCAR teams no longer utilized a template that resembled the cars of that you and I would drive. While the sport truly began to flourish during this era, stock was, in essence, erased from the term stock car racing. Street stock cars such as the Chevrolet Monte Carlo was replaced by the four door family sedan Lumina (in 1989). Ford eventually replaced the Thunderbird with the Taurus. General Motors would phase out the use of Oldsmobile and Buick models during this era.

Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Dale Jarrett were drivers that appeared to thrive with this car. While this era highlighted NASCAR's rise to mainstream, unfortunately, this particular generation claimed the lives of some key names such as Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin Jr, and 7-time champion Earnhardt.


Generation 5

In 2007, NASCAR phased in the Car of Tomorrow. This generation of NASCAR machines featured a sizeable frame and cockpit, and was an utter success when it came to safety innovations. However, it was a complete eyesore, as it initially consisted of a front splitter and rear wing. While this model evolved over the past six years, it never resembled the type of car you would see at a dealership or on the highway. Therefore, it was enormously out of favor with the fans, find more info.

Jimmie Johnson rose to ascendancy during this era, winning all but two championships in six years.

Generation 6

In 2013, NASCAR will introduce its latest and hopefully greatest generation of stock cars. NASCAR's aim was to combine the safety features of Generation 5 with the brand identity of the showroom cars that was prominent during NASCAR's golden years during the Generation 2 era, and mesh it with some of the thrilling racing that fans fell in love with during the Generation 4 era.

Chevrolet will run the SS model, Toyota will continue with the Camry model, and Ford will feature the Fusion.

Reference: ESPN, Racing Reference

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